Inky Doodles Workshop at Mateo’s & Hey Kessy

Hello Everyone!
I’m excited to announce the Inky Doodles Workshop schedules for October! 🙂  This workshop will cover basic watercolor & inking. The materials included are as follows:

8-color Prang Set
1 Round Watercolor Brush
Calligraphy Pen Holder
Copperplate Nib
270gsm / 300gsm Watercolor Worksheets
Ink Worksheets
1 HB Steadtler Pencil
1 Dust Free Eraser
1 Bottle of Chinese Ink

There will be two venues for the workshop:

Date: October 12, 2014, Sunday
Time: 2-6pm
 Slots are still available.

Venue: Mateo’s Restaurant Cafe
Address: 76 Malakas Street, Quezon City
(parallel East Avenue and near V. Luna and Philippine Heart Center)
Workshop Fee: Php 2,600.00 (inclusive of materials & snacks; participants will be asked to pre-order their snacks via the form below)
Date: October 11, 2014, Saturday
 Slots are full.
Time: 1-5pm
Venue: Hey Kessy Studio
Address: 71B E. Abada St., Loyola Heights, Quezon City
(parallel Katipunan Avenue & near Fully Booked & KFC)
Workshop Fee: Php 2,600.00 (inclusive of materials & snacks)


Please take note of the differences in time. 🙂

*If you’re having trouble viewing the forms below, kindly send an e-mail to this address: ponggo(at)googlygooeys(dot)com so that we can send you the fields to be filled up.

A manual confirmation e-mail will be received upon filling up the form.  Workshop participants will be given three (3) working days to reserve their slot by way of a deposit.  Since there are limited slots, those who will not make it to the first 12 in each workshop will automatically be placed in the wait-list & will be contacted once the slot is free or when there are workshops in the future. 🙂

Well, that’s it! 🙂  I’m hoping to see you guys soon!  Should you have any other questions not covered in this e-mail, please send it to this address: ponggo(at)GooglyGooeys(dot)com.  Keep on doodling! 🙂

If you’d like to be updated about the workshops & Googly Gooey giveaways in the future, please type your e-mail address in the “Subscribe” button on the sidebar. 🙂

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