Kids these days are so lucky. I feel like I’ve said this a thousand times but we just never had this much options when it comes to paper, pen and art supplies back in the day. Sometimes, we’d even have to rely on “pasalubongs” from family and friends who visit abroad. That and everyone’s treated to an annual round of SM Stationery Art Fests! Not only are there additional discounts but the event also holds numerous workshops with different artists from the all over the country. Wooohoo!

A little peak at the Faber-Castell booth! Here’s Oly with a live superhero/comic book illustration using Faber-Castell ballpens and watercolor. What’s your go-to mixed medium? Lately, I’ve been doing watercolor and pencils. smile It’s always fun to try and experiment with materials because you nver know which ones would click!

There was so much to do from brush lettering to calligraphy to watercolor to doodling to slime making. You name it! As always, it was a fun time to see everyone’s creativity shine through. People have their own uniqueness when it comes to their art and imagination and that’s always so refreshing to see, both in kids and adults alike.

We were pleasantly surprised at how fun it was to make and play with slime! I mean, it felt like we were kids again. Here’s Trice Nagusara with her slime in a hue that many of you love. (I cannot count how many times people asked me how to mix teal!)

It was also a fun experience to reminisce our student days as we attended the other workshops before doing our doodling demo. (Teaching is fun but learning is too!) Here’s Avin doing a demo for Tokyo Finds. I love her approach to watercolor and she was able to give us an achievable task of tackling landscapes. Something I’m not really good at. Haha.

Our “Doodling Fun” workshop with Faber-Castell was held during the second day and I always feel happy and extremely grateful for the opportunity. I shared tips and tricks on mixing colors, working with varying mediums like watercolor and colored pencils, drawing hands and finding your own art style.

It feels so heartwarming to see not just friends but also families join the workshop. There’s something about parents and children bonding over art that gets us all the time. Aaaaah! *Please pass the tissues.*

Also, it’s very refreshing to see kids so unafraid to try new and unfamiliar things. They’re not afraid to make a mistake and when they do, they just grab an eraser or another piece of paper. They’re also so at ease with experimenting with colors. smile

A massive thank you to everyone who came and filled up the seats! Thank your for letting this color addict fan-girl share her love for art and hues. (If you would like to join more Googly Gooeys workshops, you can check our lineup here.)

Oh and before I forget, here are rare photos of team Googly: Anne , Mommy Tippy, Daddy Pong & Riley! Do check out #HälloRiley on Twitter & Instagram for his antics ??. Just in case you’re wondering, this is the team that runs the blog and all the projects. Yes, including our little Riley!

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