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Two things I wished for this year that I thought were so far from happening:

(a) be able to hold workshops in different parts of the Philippines ??

(b) participate in an outreach program, specifically the one wherein I get to actually be the one to teach.

I’m writing this as I’m inside the plane en route to Cagayan de Oro for a workshop with Rustan’s Supermarket. Next week, we will be in Iloilo for the Letters & Colors Workshop and there are three more locations I’ll be visiting after that for a mix of workshops & family bonding. 🙂

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Iloilo is a place close to my heart.  When Ondoy struck the Philippines and it was reported that there are other remote areas needing aid aside from the ones featured in the news, it’s where we went to reach out to the fisherfolk with the help of friends.  That’s when I got to visit my grandma’s hometown & got to see the photo of my great ?? grandpa in the city hall–the one I would always hear in stories. The mayor of their city during his time.

Pancit molo, native chicken, bayi-bayi & barquiiron were staples while I was growing up. I also speak the dialect when talking to my parents. I’m always amused when one can detect the faint ilonggo tone when I speak in Tagalog.  A-hayyyyyy is my favorite expression because it seems it has no direct translation in Filipino & it was used way before I heard everyone say “Awwww”.

Next week, I’m excited to bring my family to Iloilo which includes the hubby, little mister kulit, his hyper yet supportive bff Ate Claudine. ?  We are also equally excited to visit the SOS Children’s Village in Zarraga–a twenty-five minute drive away from Iloilo for our outreach after the workshop. 🙂  

I can’t to eat Ilonggo food with my boys! ? But wait, first, the workshop ???

Letters Colors Iloilo
Letters & Colors for a Cause was organized by a group of students in Iloilo and it aims to bring together people who are passionate & curious about lettering and creating hues.

Together with Abbey Sy, we will be having a full day workshop from 8:30-4:30pm which includes a watercolor / Color Mixing class, lettering class & brush lettering session.

Ilo Ilo WIP GGY 9204

The regular workshop fee of Php 2,100 already includes materials to be used in the workshop, lunch buffet, morning and afternoon snacks, exclusive tote bag, take home kit, certificate of attendance, raffle entry, and more surprises.  You may also get a 10% discount if you bring a friend.  I’m personally done printing out all the worksheets even before we left for CDO.  I just wanted to make sure that we’re ready for Iloilo! 😀

Come join us on the 27th!  Sign up for a slot below & see you soon!

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