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GOOGLY GOOEYS, studio tour

Hey Kessy: The Place that Washi Tape Built

The date was January 31 in 2012 & I wrote this online shop an e-mail that said: Hello! 🙂 I really love your tapes. I’m just wondering though if you still have blue diagonal lines (instead of horizontal lines) as a tape and if the white polka dots against blue are still available (as a […]

Instagram FAQs 2x2

Googly Gooey Instagram FAQ’s

Hello! Hello! I’ve been receiving the same questions over & over on Instagram so I was thinking, “Why not come up with an Instagram FAQ’s section on this blog?”  For those of you who haven’t gone to our Instagram Account, it’s a mishmash of projects, behind-the-scenes posts, random photos and doodles. 🙂 I’m not claiming to


Hey Kessy x Googly Gooeys Blog Giveaway! (Contest Closed)

Ever since the Happy Things blog giveaway earlier this year, people have been asking, “Where do can you buy washi tapes?”  I got that question one toooooo many times I actually wanted to put it on our FAQ‘s section!  I also get asked the same thing over and over on Instagram I actually wanted to build a

Blog Giveaway Title

Happy Things: The Blog Giveaway! (Contest Closed)

I’ve been blogging about sources of inspiration & happy things recently.  I took home a bunch of colorful things that make me happy and I made sure that I bought two of my most favouritest-est (red line for spelling and green line for grammar, bring it on!) so that I can keep one for myself and

Googly Gooeys Busy

Busy People & the Hey Kessy Messy Washi Party

Busy people these apparently have time to update their Facebook status that they’re busy, complain about their workload on Twitter, take a picture of the pile of work they have to tackle on Instagram, Foursquare the cafe they’re working at, and give their audience a blow by blow account of how much stuff they still

Inky Doodles Collage2 for the Mail Swap
GOOGLY GOOEYS, instagram

Inky Watercolor Doodles: This Week on Instagram

I’ve been convincing myself to come up with another cartoon post for this week but no-hohoho.  The call of ink & watercolor has just been too strong.  Somewhere between preparing some elements for commissions, the mail swap and trying to bring back some sanity into my life, here’s my week in inky watercolor doodles: 1.

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