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Hello! Hello! I’ve been receiving the same questions over & over on Instagram so I was thinking, “Why not come up with an Instagram FAQ’s section on this blog?”  For those of you who haven’t gone to our Instagram Account, it’s a mishmash of projects, behind-the-scenes posts, random photos and doodles. 🙂 I’m not claiming to be an expert in any of the fields I choose to enter but all questions must be answered in an efficient manner don’t you think? 🙂

Instagram FAQs

1) What do you use to color your drawings? Watercolor (or WatercolOUR if you insist on the spelling :P).

What brand are you using? Prang & recently, Holbein.

Where did you buy it? Prang is available in National Bookstore.

2) What do you use for writing / drawing outlines? Calligraphy pen, brush pen &/or black sign pen.

Where can I get them? You’ll find calligraphy supplies on & Fully Booked and for the rest of the materials, National Bookstore 🙂

3) Do you hold calligraphy / watercolor workshops? Nope. Check out your local experts 🙂 I’ve tagged their Instagram accounts generously (as in fan girling levels and they’re probably deaf about it right now) on most of my calligraphy / watercolor-related Instagram Posts 🙂

4) When are you ever going to hold a workshop? None for now. Maybe someday. …when I grow up. Lol. If & when, I have no idea.

5) When did you start calligraphy? Any tips for starters?
I used to have this Crayola Calligraphy kit back in grade school then I moved to the Rotring Calligraphy set (the one that uses plastic cartridges) in

high school. You may start practicing guided by calligraphy books with a writing with a felt pen / calligraphy marker at a 45-degree angle. For the rest,  attend workshops and click on the links on number 3 🙂

6) What brand of watercolor paper are you using? Canson.

Where can I buy it?  National Bookstore or your local art supply shop.  If all else fails, there’s Amazon & Google 😉

7) Can you teach me how to make that paper cube? Sorry. I don’t have the power to teleport myself but you may click on this link.

8) What are those colorful tapes called? Washi Tapes.

Where can I buy them? Locally, you can buy MT washi tapes in the following (online) stores:

Heima (
Taste Central (
Fully Booked (

The Non-MT washi Tapes can be found here:

Hey Kessy (
Paper Chic Studio (

In Hong Kong, you will easily find washi tapes in Citisuper branches or their bookstore counterpart called Log-on.

All other MT washi tapes can be found in selected major bookstores around the world. You may also check out MT’s website ( for the list of stockists worldwide 😉

9) Do you accept commissions for weddings / brands / blog / invitation? Yes. Feel free to send your inquiries to ponggo[at]googlygooeys[dot]com

Where can I find your rates? Since all designs are custom-made, each one will have a different price depending on the scale of the project & size.

10) Do you offer photography services? Yes. E-mail your inquiries to ponggo[at]googlygooeys[dot]com as well 🙂

11) What course did you take up in college? BS Management Engineering

What’s that? A business course combined with math which is not really engineering in its truest sense 😉

Why are you making cartoons and doodling then? It makes me happy. 

12) But I wanted to ask something about the Googly Gooeys? You’ll find the GG FAQ section Googly Gooeys FAQ

13) But, but, I have another question! Where can I reach you guys? Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, E-mail: ponggo[at]googlygooeys[dot]com &/ or comment on this blog post 🙂

14) I just noticed lately that you guys have been making videos on Instagram. What app do you use?
We use Flipagram. To look at the rest of the samples, here’s the time-lapse video of our washi house, The Googly Gooeys 3.0 Teaser & a colorful year in review.

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10 years ago

You guy’s have AMAZING work! The colors really pop and your doodles are easy on the eyes ^.^ I look forward to seeing more updates on Instagram! – AnatolyHTX

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