Inky Watercolor Doodles: This Week on Instagram

I’ve been convincing myself to come up with another cartoon post for this week but no-hohoho.  The call of ink & watercolor has just been too strong.  Somewhere between preparing some elements for commissions, the mail swap and trying to bring back some sanity into my life, here’s my week in inky watercolor doodles:

Inky Doodles Collage Travel & Photography Elements, Salad, Zaru Soba Night, Tools

1. Tickets to Russia from Canada! Ahhh..If only we can draw all the things we wanted and they would just come to life. Oh well.  By the way, is it just me?  I find it hard to let go of my watercolor testing sheets because I like staring at the colors & the different opacities.

2. Salad Dinner: My attempt to eat healthier food. “Attempt” is the operative word because I think I consumed too much Japanese mayo. Woops!

3. Zaru Soba: Earlier this week, I tried to make some pancakes.  I won’t post the result here but it looks like chewed brown & yellow food instead of some Instagrammable choco chip pancake.  After the disastrous attempt, I tried moving on to easier-to-prepare-food like cold soba.  I’m such a great cook I’m quite a catch. *Sarcastic* Now you know why, despite my love for desserts, I have a cartoon blog & not a food blog.  Ho ho ho.

4. My Tools: More doodles while I was waiting for the other sheet to dry.  *What a descriptive sentence!*

Inky Doodles Collage2 for the Mail Swap

Above: Random doodles for a mail swap organized by kindred soul Mansy 🙂 I’m almost done but I still have to search for an envelope 😛 What I love about these things is that they start out to be something totally random then they end up becoming the  peg for the next commission!  It’s a break from a current project which is apparently another project which fuels the next project. I hope I confused you. *Yes, you read it right.*  I usually feel guilty when taking breaks between projects–or relaxing in general (which is probably why I’m now on the verge of insanity) but discovering new material, methods & workflow makes it all worth it!

1. Marie Antoinette-themed desserts from one of the inspiration boards on

2.   Sending some Washi love across the ocean: Washi buntings & a few of my favorite things / things to do! ❤

3.   Ice cream bars & popsicles I’ve never tasted and my only decent iPhone case 😛 I just love picking colorful elements.  When I draw with ink and color them in, I feel like a kid again with a coloring book and a box of crayons.

4. Tiny Black & Gold Paper Frames!  They’re around 1 1/2-2 1/2 inches tall. The cat’s from one of my sheer tops.  I actually call all my clothes “uniforms” since I love repeating them.  The I-hope-I-drew-a-raccoon is a stuffed toy from one of my favorite Instagrammers @apieceofcake82 ❤ If I had another home, I’d probably give the whole black & white theme a try!  And oh, the tag is from a pair of pink pants I bought. Haha. It just suited the whole gold thing going on so I just had to put it there 😛

Wall Abuse: doodles, inspiration, projects on the wall

Finally, I present to you one of my abused walls.  I’d like to thank Ponggo for being so patient & generous, allowing me to plaster some stuff here and there: inspiration, pegs, past projects, random experiments.  Bonus points if you can spot the work of James Gulliver Hancock & the TokwaP postcards ❤


I need a decent closing sentence and I still can’t think of one after typing, deleting, retyping, editing and re-editing.  So, let’s just close this post by saying that I don’t know how to close this post. *Insert sound of dying brain cells and grumbling tummy here.*


Anyway, see you on Instagram!

Googly Gooeys Meanwhile Section

Mansy of is holding a Washi Party.  If, like me, you’r a fan of pretty paper straws, Washi tapes and anything handmade, now’s your time to meet your fellow addicts.  Haha.  Sign up now for Hey Kessy’s Messy Washi Party *that rhymes*.   See you on the 24th!

Hey Kessy Messy Washi Party

Register here! ❤

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