Hey Kessy: The Place that Washi Tape Built

The date was January 31 in 2012 & I wrote this online shop an e-mail that said:

Hello! 🙂
I really love your tapes. I’m just wondering though if you still have blue diagonal lines (instead of horizontal lines) as a tape and if the white polka dots against blue are still available (as a single order & not bundled).


Hey Kessy Washi TapesI didn’t know who was behind this new washi tape but after a few e-mail exchanges an online orders, I decided to drop by the Hey Kessy booth at one of the first few 10A Alabama Arts & Crafts Fairs.

Dandy Ona Jewelry

I forgot how the online order turned into a personal e-mail exchanged.  Later, Mansy and I already agreed to exchange copies of Frankie Magazines and meet up so she can teach me paper cutting while I teach her calligraphy.Hey Kessy ThreadI then told her how to create a Hey Kessy Messy Washi Party of sorts. I remember it as one of the fun workshops I attended.  🙂 Hey Kessy Calligraphy SuppliesYears later, Hey Kessy moved to Esteban Abada & built a new shop & studio. I remember taking photos of their store before it even opened.  That was the day that Mansy & went to Pinto Museum.

Hey Kessy Tote BagsThe last time Mansy and I were together out-of-town twice in 2015.  After so many stories, sessions talking about “the soul & the universe”, I didn’t realize that 5 years just went by so fast!  OMG.  Now, Hey Kessy has a store in UP Town Center! :) They’re still very much advocates of the handmade movement (and here I am, the friend who is holding digitizing workshops…LOL).

I still don’t know why I’m into this whole video thing but perhaps it’s just a good break from years of taking photos.  I’ve always loved telling stories through visuals and I just felt I can say more with moving images.  I’m still learning video after video how to go about things but last week, I just thought it would be fun to drop by the Hey Kessy Store and share with you guys all the cute & quirky stuff I found! 🙂

I don’t want to give away much about the video but enjoy! 🙂

If you have leads to other interesting places worth featuring, let me know in the comments below so I can credit you. 🙂

Get to know more about Hey Kessy here:
Website: HeyKessy.com
Twitter: @HeyKessy
Instagram: @HeyKessy

Join me in reminiscing this blog’s journey with Hey Kessy here 🙂
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OMG! I didn’t realize how many blog posts I’ve written related to them through the years. It’s just like I felt blogging & blogging–sharing & sharing things that made me happy. 🙂

Also, follow Mansy Abesamis, one of the founders of Hey Kessy on her personal accounts:
Instagram: @mansyabesamis
Twitter: @mansilliana


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7 years ago

Oooh you’re friends with Mansy too! It’s fun to discover that the creatives I stalk on IG are really great friends. Small world. Been a fan of her paper cuts!

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