Busy People & the Hey Kessy Messy Washi Party

Googly Gooeys Busy People: Then & Now Then: "I said don't talk to me! I'm busy!?" Now: "Wait. Let me just tweet about how busy I am."

Busy people these apparently have time to update their Facebook status that they’re busy, complain about their workload on Twitter, take a picture of the pile of work they have to tackle on Instagram, Foursquare the cafe they’re working at, and give their audience a blow by blow account of how much stuff they still have to do or the state of their sanity O_o

Speaking of busy, we’ve been crazy busy these past few weeks and we will be for the rest of the year (and oh, and the first two weeks of January) although we’re also grateful for all the projects ahead. (That’s me announcing that I’m busy.  Yes, that’s also me stating the obvious. )  If you’d like to see the works-in-progress and what’s up behind the Googly Gooey cartooney scenes, follow The Googly Gooeys (@googlygooeys) on Instagram 🙂 Ho ho ho.

P.S. Oh, wait! Ponggo hates it when I don’t include his Instagram address so here’s the link to his Instagram account 😉


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The Hey Kessy Messy Washi Party

It all started with one arts & crafts session when my friends & I (together with friends of friends whom I later became friends with 😉 ) were trying to tracing who passed on her Washi Tape addiction to whom and who’s the most addicted of us all.   We were all joking that there should be a Washi Addicts Anonymous of sorts–perhaps a group therapy for people who love pretty colorful masking tapes.

Hey Kessy Messy Washi Party Jars with Name Tags

Above: Washi Tape jars with the names of the participants each hand-painted (with love!) by Mansy.

Last Saturday, Mansy of Hey Kessy held a Messy Washi Party at the lovely Pipino Veg in Malingap.   Inside a room with brick walls and eye candy blackboards plus a weathered wooden floor, giddy crafters & washi addicts filled the room.   I don’t know what it is with crafting but compared to other events, the mood here is always light and people are always more generous.  People are just really really happy and you’ll hear a lot of giggles and laughter.

Hey Kessy Messy Washi Party Sewing Machine & Pipino's Blackboard

It was designed to be a craft buffet where people could take whatever materials they wanted (well, of course, we weren’t allowed to take home the typewriter & craft sewing machine above)! 🙂

Hey Kessy Messy Washi Party Printed Straws and Tippy's Owl

Some of the stuff we can work with were paper straws, baker’s twine and of course washi tapes–all of which people could find over at Hey Kessy.   We were also given craft paper, these round and golden paper boards which were meant to be coasters, doilies, stamps, wax paper, printed cloth, sack cloth et cetera.   There were also rubber stamps, ink pads, pairs of cutting materials, graphing paper and brushes.  There was a lot of stuff that to work with!  I actually got overwhelmed.   While everyone was finished hoarding (Yep, it felt like we were all a mix jumping electrons and craft hoarders), I was left standing and still thinking about what to do since they’re all oh-so-fun and oh-so-prettehhh I could cry. LOL.   I ended up doing a paper owl with washi tapes & straws.

More pictures after the jump 🙂

Hey Kessy Messy Washi Party Mansy Abesamis

Above: Mansy of Hey Kessy caught bemused  in between the briefing and the hoarding 🙂

Hey Kessy Washi Party Frankie Magazine, Allie, Andrea & Mansy

Left: Mansy brought some Frankie Magazines to inspire everyone.  When I took this photo, I was literally reading from behind someone’s shoulder.  I just had to take a photo of the page with all those colors! 🙂 Right: Allie, Andrea, and Mansy.   

Hey Kessy Messy Washi Party Baker's Twine & Participants

Left: Baker’s Twine!!! Right: Posing with Allie, Czar, Patchie, Airees, Mansy plus Paul who’s the only guy in the whole room of giggling girls. Hehe.

It’s just amazing that with these meetings, you’ll always find someone who’s apparently a friend of your friend, someone you’ve been exchanging comments with on Instagram, someone you’ve seen at a craft fair or design event before. Ahh..The world is getting smaller and smaller every single day!

Hey Kessy Messy Washi Party Participants

Above: Another photo of my tablemates Czar, Allie, AireesLisane who gave us The Royal Piccadilly cupcakes and is apparently celebrating her birthday tomorrow (Happy birthday Lis!), Andrea–whose boot & tights get-up I always love, and Jeanie. 😀

My seatmates Jeanie and Nina who both came from the land of scrapbooking introduced me to the world of glitter paints, acid-free papers, non-stick (?) pairs of scissors and double-sided tapes that came in dispensers.  Oh double sided tape!  Together with glue gun, double-sided tape has been my cramming weapon for school projects.  I always ended up accidentally cutting myself  when I hurriedly peel the paper off the double-sided tape so hearing about these things are enlightening to me. Haha.
Hey Kessy Messy Washi Party Bottles

Above: It wasn’t called messy for nothing 😉 Right: That’s Richelle‘s washi set.  She’s a lawyer by day and a self-confessed crafter by lunch time and after office hours.  She’s the reason why I got into washi-tape lovin’  🙂

The washi party wasn’t also complete without the impromptu washi trade (think trading stationaries but this time with washi tapes)–that’s washi fun multiplied by x yards of other washi designs that we got to take home. 🙂

Messy Washi Party Lisane, Richelle, Fozzy & Lisa's Table

Above: Happy crafters!

We all took turns having our photos taken with Fozzy, the calligrapher extraordinaire!  Check out her Instagram to find out why 🙂

Hey Kessy Messy Washi Party

Well, it was really a party.  Mansy said that while preparing for this, she felt like she was making stuff for someone’s birthday party.  It really looked like someone was having a birthday party! 🙂 Haha.

Congratulations again Mansy! 🙂 ‘Til the next crafting session!



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Sarah Sy
Sarah Sy
11 years ago

Wow. Didn’t know that there is such thing as Washi Party!

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