I’ve been blogging about sources of inspiration & happy things recently.  I took home a bunch of colorful things that make me happy and I made sure that I bought two of my most favouritest-est (red line for spelling and green line for grammar, bring it on!) so that I can keep one for myself and one for a lucky reader.  Well, if I only had all the money in the world, I would have probably sent out kits to anyone who requested. But I don’t. Hihi.

Happy Things Blog Giveaway on Googly Gooeys (paper cubes, dodecahedrons & ampersand)

Presenting, the first ever blog giveaway for 2013! No. The paper cubes and the dodecahedrons are not part of the giveaway or they’ll get crushed in the mail 😛 And oh, to anyone who’s been asking or to those who missed the origami tutorial, click here.

Googly Gooeys Blog Giveaway (for Instagram)

First, three sets of origami papers will be raffled off: polka dots, triangles & rectangle prints.  As you will notice, each set has a dark & light version.  There’s more stuff that you can do with these papers aside from origami: you may use it to wrap tiny gifts, it’s a piece that you can put into your mood board or you may use it to make your tablescape more interesting.  By the way, it also comes with a tiny origami instruction sheet  😀

If you have been following the Googly Gooeys on Instagram,  you know that I love playing with and experimenting with different things from time to time.  The quick paintings on the right are a color combination exercises.  I’m always scared that I’ll be stuck with a color scheme so I always want to challenge myself & try new colors.  (I’m offering a cookie to anyone who can spot the misplaced triangle on the tiny piece of watercolor paper! :P)

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Googly Gooeys Blog Giveaway: Orgami Paper

Here’s a more up close (& personal??) view of the origami papers.  I really wish I bought an extra pack of origami paper that I used for the cubes.  My cousins & I got addicted to origami during a Christmas party we ended up finishing a pack.  We were doing paper origami cubes while we were playing Bingo.  Woops! J Luckily, most of the people on our table (and 100% of those who were doing origami while doing Bingo) all won & I won the jackpot prize! Yay! J  *Sorry.  As usual, you’ll find me sharing with you unsolicited sidestories.  Gahhh.. I vowed never to use “unsolicited” ever again since I’ve overused it but no-ho-ho-ho, I used it again.

Googly Gooeys Blog Giveaway Fabric Tapes

Four rolls of fabric tapes are also included in this giveaway! J  What I like about fabric tapes is that they’re opaque & permanent.  I was such a crammer back in high school.  Double-sided tapes (and glue gun) always came in handy if I needed a quick way to put things together.  So, fabric tapes, the prettier cousin of double-sided tapes, will come in handy if you want a quick way spice up place cards, gift tags or your scrap book 🙂

Googly Gooeys Blog Giveaway Washi Tape

…and here’s the lone washi tape.  As I’ve said before, I got overwhelmed with shelves and shelves of washi tape I ended up not buying a lot or the ones that I already have. Haha.  I would always tell people that I’m not a washi addict.  Then I realized that by saying that, I just proved to them that I’m a true addict in denial.  Compared to fabric tapes, washi tapes are more forgiving.  You can remove them from most papers without damaging the medium!

I must confess, I always bring a roll in my bag.  (Did I say that I’m NOT a washi addict? :D)  I use it for um…more noble purposes such as lining the borders of my canvases, prettyfying letters, sticking artworks to the wall, and I really wish I could give you more artsy stuff that I do with it but I also use it to reseal an unfinished pack of junk food, to fix the cord of my hair dryer when I’m traveling, or the pet peeve or some people, to mark the pages of the books and magazines 😀

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Googly Gooeys Blog Giveaway Penguin Postcards (Part 1)

Here’s the clincher, if you just opened this page & went to the last part for the raffle section, you’re bound to miss this: We’re giving away 10 postcards to the first ten people who will be mailing us their address 😀


Googly Gooeys Blog Giveaway: Penguin Postcards

Here’s the second set of postcards for mailing.  So e-mail us your address now via  ponggo@googlygooeys.com 😀

Update as of Jan 8, 9:35am

Woops! We were able to receive 10 addresses already within minutes upon announcing the promo. :O Worry not.  We’ll be posting a new promo code for a second wave of postcards.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook for updates.  We’ll be posting another promo code before the promo period ends 🙂

Update as of Jan 11, 3:29pm

Because we’re so excited, we’re posting the names of the postcard winners in advance.  Please
give us 2-3 weeks to mail the postcards 🙂 Congratulations!

1. Chantelle Bolo (Canada)
2. Czarine Isabel Gomez (Marikina City)
3. Richard Co (Pasig City)
4. Khirsten Lim (Marikina City)
5. France van Niekerk (South Africa)
6. Bianca Marie Pascual (Navotas City)
7. Bituin Callanta (Pateros)
8. Kaye Raymundo (Valenzuela City)
9. Charmaine Cabugnason (Taguig City)
10. Yaine Tobias (Makati City)

Meanwhile, watch out for the second wave of the postcard promo. We’ll be posting a new code very soon! 🙂

Update as of Jan 14, 2013, 11:19pm

As promised, here’s the second wave of the postcard giveaway! 🙂 We will be mailing postcards to the first 5 people who will e-mail us their mailing address (Remember, mailing address & NOT e-mail address).  Yes, we can send postcards to any netizen who lives on planet earth 🙂  The title of the e-mail should follow this format:

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(adjective) (name of first pet) from (adjective) (country you’re from), the land of (noun)

Don’t forget to e-mail us your real name too unless you’d like to be addressed as such on your postcard 🙂

Good luck!  Those who will not follow directions will be disqualified. *I officially sound like my least favorite teacher.*


Update as of Jan 15, 2013 10:22am

Here’s the second set of winners! We can’t wait to raffle off  the rest of the prizes! Be back again soon! 🙂

1. Marian “Iana” Peralta

2. Eula P. Tetangco

3.  Mariel Arboleda

4. Ho Zhen Meng

5. Nikka del Rosario

Congratulations to the winners.  Please give us 2-3 weeks to ship the postcards 🙂


For the rest of the stuff, get clicking below and good luck 😀


Update as of Jan 18, 2013 10:16am

Congratulations to the winners! 🙂 Finally discovered that the winners’ names can be displayed on the widget so here they are 🙂
As for the postcard winners, We’re done writing on your postcards!! 🙂 We just need to mail them! 😉

Thanks again for joining! It was really fun while it lasted.  We’re really hoping to come up with more giveaways for you in the future! ❤

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