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Design Dept & Team Manila Studio Tour

I’ve been wondering why I’m into making videos lately.  Then, I realized that our blog, my supposed side project of so many years has now become my full-time work.  So, in the spirit of story-telling that started this all, I am back to being constantly looking out for things that make me happy that I

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Hey Kessy: The Place that Washi Tape Built

The date was January 31 in 2012 & I wrote this online shop an e-mail that said: Hello! 🙂 I really love your tapes. I’m just wondering though if you still have blue diagonal lines (instead of horizontal lines) as a tape and if the white polka dots against blue are still available (as a

Abbey Sy Studio Tour Preview for Blog
GOOGLY GOOEYS, metro manila, studio tour

Studio Tour: Abbey Sy

Since the Katipunan Art Festival, I found a renewed love for taking photos and I suddenly remembered why I really love blogging in the first place.  Aside from sharing comics and personal stories now and then, I enjoy being able to freeze a few moments in time through photos. Since that day we had a

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