Sometimes, when I’m doing workshops, I hear this voice in my head, “Why are you doing this? You, of all people, an introvert? Why are you talking to people?” Then, I realized, the only reason why I am able to muster the courage to talk to an audience is that I just want to give kids and adults a safe space to try, explore, make mistakes and start over again. I want them to be comfortable with the fact that you might not get it right the first time and it’s okay.

It’s so easy to say that art or even crafting is not a major subject or only a hobby or a means of self-expression. But, it’s more than that. It teaches us so much about resourcefulness, perseverance and life too ?. *Okay, I may have gone too deep and serious with my thoughts.* ? Thank you though to everyone who attended our workshop with Craft Easy at the recently concluded Smart Kids Asia! We had so much fun (and photos) to smile about and remember this moment by. Also, we managed to piece together this vlog:

DAY 1: We got to do a quick stage demo of the classroom activities and workshops for Craft Easy and Art Attack. 

Riley even joined me on stage and held the microphone! We’re just so ammused with this little man’s confidence and curiosity. Kids are such an interesting bunch, don’t you think?

Craft Easy Demo: Foam Pizzas and Crowns

DAY 2: We got to spend an hour for Craft Easy’s classroom activities on the second day of Smart Kids Asia at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay. We were so giddy when we knew that the slots were immediately filled up once the registration opened. By the way, these classes are free and already comes with the day pass. All you have to do is come early and sign up!

We made DIY foam ?, ?, ? ! We’ve only been working with foam for a few months now and it is by far one of our faves at the Googly HQ. They’re easy to cut (with scissors or with our handy Cricut machines), are very sturdy and can be used with both glue gun and double-sided tape.

As always, thanks to the entire Googly and Craft Easy teams for all the help: Anne, AdiArielle, Dianne, Andrei, Gail as well as my family friends for dropping by to help! ?

PS: Shoutout to Riley too for giving everyone on the team hugs and kisses. It sure made his titos and titas happy (well according to them. Hahaha.) Til the next workshops!

PPS: Join our next workshops here:

Craft Easy is available in all major bookstores and department stores nationwide. For more creative ideas and products, follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Happy crafting!

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