Here at the Googly Gooeys HQ, we love a great excuse to craft and experiment with materials. This time, we’ve been eyeing pompoms and tassels so we decided to make them from scratch using these colorful Art Attack yarns!

If you’re curious as to how we made them, you can watch this step by step DIY tutorial or scroll for instructions.


STEP 1: Take the yarn and wrap around your fingers about 30 times.

STEP 2: Remove from your fingers carefully and thread a yarn through it.

STEP 3: Tie it tightly with a double knot. Make sure to make this piece of yarn long enough because we will use this to tie the tassel to the chain later.

STEP 4: Take another piece of yarn and tie it around the top to form the tassel’s head. Make a double knot as well. By this time, your tassel will resemble an octopus (or jellyfish)!

STEP 5: Cut through the bottom loops and trim the excess yarn (making the ends level) for a cleaner finish.

Tada! Now we’ve made a tassel. Feel free to play with colors by using different Art Attack yarns or try the following bonus tips.

TIP 1: To add more length to your tassel, simply spread your fingers in the first step. To make shorter ones, use lesser fingers.

TIP 2: To make them fluffier, wrap them more than 30 times.


STEP 1: Use a fork as your pompom template. Your fingers work too but this is a tried and tested trick among crafters. *wink*

STEP 2: Take a piece of yarn and place it in middle of the fork as so.

STEP 3: Wrap the yarn around the fork 50 times.

STEP 4: Tie the piece of yarn earlier tightly in the middle.

STEP 5: Slowly slide it out of the fork and make another tight knot.

STEP 6: Trim on all sides and comb out to form a ball.

STEP 7: Feel free to give your pompom a haircut to make it rounder and fluffier. Yay!


Now that we have both our tassels and pompoms (you can make as many as you want and in different colors), we can now assemble our keychains!

STEP 1: Take a split key ring, a 2.5 inch chain and a jump ring to attach the two. You will need small pliers to open up and close the jump ring.

STEP 2: Tie the pompoms and keychains to the chain and we’re done!

Now we have DIY pompom and tassel keychains! What other DIYs will you do with these colorful Art Attack yarns?

By the way, we turned this into a workshop at the Smart Kids Asia a few weeks ago. Sharing with you a few snaps from that day.

Doing an Onstage Demo with a few kids on the first day of Smart Kids Asia. We made some pompom ice cream and tassel keychains as well.

For our classroom workshop the following day, we made DIY pompoms and tassels from scratch using Art Attack yarns. They’re surprisingly easy to make (even for kids as you can see from the above tutorial) and can be utilized into many other crafts like pillow cases, toys, costumes and more. For our first activity, we made tassel and pompom keychains! We then proceeded to make ice cream charms using the pompoms and some Craft Easy foam for the cone.

Shout out to the entire Googly and Art Attack teams for all the help: Anne, AdiArielle, Dianne, Andrei, Gail as well as my family friends for making this workshop possible! ?

PS: Art Attack is available in all major bookstores and department stores nationwide.

PPS: Liked these DIY pompom and tassel keychains? Looking for more crafting projects? Join our next workshops here: or…

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