Are crafting dates a thing? We’d always joke around the Googly HQ about how when we grow old, we’d be one of those tita groups in cafes and restaurants bringing a bunch of arts and craft supplies. ? So when Craft Easy asked us if we would want to host one with some of our readers, we had to say yes!

We started off with DIY pizza made out of Craft Easy foam. What we love about this material is that it’s sturdy enough around kids and also pretty waterproof. They work well with glue gun (which was surprising since we thought they’d melt against the heat but they didn’t) but if you have kids around, double-sided tape works like a charm! You can even transform your crafts into puffy stickers with it. Yahoo!

PS. Check out Riley ?! He picked up one of the boxes from our trays and turned it into a pizza box before proceeding to take his pizza to the oven (table drawers) and serving it to the participants.

Arlene, one of the winners and a long-time Googly reader, brought her niece Princess who made pizza pie “faces” out of the foam cutouts. We just love how children’s creativity can run free!

We then proceeded to make some DIY crowns! These would be a great alternative to party hats for children’s (or kids’-at-heart) parties. ?

Craft Easy foam is really easy to cut with a pair of scissors but since we had to make a lot, we sought the help of our Cricut Explore Air 2 and Cricut Maker from ?

Mommy Glaiza with Ayra

Prim, her husband Casper and Samantha

Participants also got to try out the Craft Easy Liquid Chalk Markers and Chalkboard Sticker Sheets! The markers dry fast and they can even be used on glass and mirror surfaces *ehem Riley’s room*. Plus, we love how bright and pigmented the colors are. Where would you want to use them?

Arlene and Princess with their lettering work! ?

Glaiza and daughter Ayra with their cute ? doodles.

Samantha and Hogwarts house pride. ⚡️?

Lastly, we made some felt animals and stuffed toys! Felt is so easy to handle and sew together. It’s also sturdy enough to hold some stuffing. Plus, glue gun holds it well too for those who don’t like to sew. ? What felt plushie would you guys want to make next? 

Check out this vlog for more snippets of our fun and creative day with Craft Easy:

Craft Easy is available in all major bookstores and department stores nationwide. For more creative ideas and products, follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Happy crafting!

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