Inky Doodles Workshop Weekend

Stop Telling Yourself

One day, I found myself hanging out at Mansy’s studio not knowing what to do with my life.  We were supposed to craft together but it ended up as a counselling session. Hahahaha. At that time, I had so much self-doubt.  I didn’t even know what to do anymore.  I also didn’t know if I was happy with what I was doing.  So, before sharing with you the photos from the workshop, THANK YOU Mansy of Hey Kessy for all the encouragement!  I’ve been receiving workshop requests on Instagram for almost 3 years now but I always came up with all sorts of reasons not to. Hehehehe.

Meanwhile, I’m so happy & relieved I was finally able to finish a good chunk of 4 of the projects that I’ve been working on since Sunday night!  Finally, I can blog guilt-free without having to think that someone is waiting for my revised files. *Whew!*  I guess I can owe the focus I had to the fact that I’ve been trying to get The Big Blog Exchange out of my mind.  The BBE is a program where 16 chosen bloggers will be exchanging countries.  Voting has ended last September 3 and we luckily made it to #8 despite being 31 days into the competition thanks to you!  The results will be announced at 7pm, Philippine time or 12 noon, British time!  *Ahhhh…*  Wait?  Why am I expounding on this topic still when I already want to get the panic out of my head? Hahahaha.

Anyway, last Saturday, we held the first Inky Doodles Workshop Weekend.  It’s called Inky Doodles because I just noticed that however I try to draw, I always end up putting outlines on them.  I tried to fight this style and let it evolve but I still go back to the same process be it for Googly comics, wedding invites or hand drawn stuff.  So, I guess, in the end, I just have to go with the flow! Hehehe.

Watercolor & Ink Workshop Metro Manila

Above: Following Mansy’s lead, I made name tags for the participants because I wanted to remember everyone’s names. 😀

Alessa Inky Doodles

I’d also like to thank Alessa of Life After Breakfast for attending the workshop and saving me so many times!  I couldn’t have survived it without you!  Check out Alessa’s blog about the Inky Doodles workshop here. 🙂

Above: Alessa’s final output.  At first, I didn’t want her to cut up the petals.  I said it would make a pretty tea towel.  She taped some of the petals & thought that was already the final output.  She took home the rest of the cut outs & this is the final output. *Whoa!* 

Drawing Trees Watercolor Ink

Above: Katrina is inking her trees. 🙂 I’m particularly amused with her progress throughout the workshop. *…and why do I sound so formal?* I also wanted to take photos of the rest of the students but that was me below most of the time. 

Last but not the least, thank you to my good friend Aina for coming to the workshop!  You’ve always been there to support me and hear me out when I have project woes & life dilemmas to deal with (which is umm…every week. Hahahahaha).

Googly Gooeys Workshop

Above: Pretty much how I am throughout the workshop.  I always wondered why those who gave workshops were in shorts.  I’m not a shorts person & I actually brought a dress.  Most of the time, I was busy checking whether their watercolor or ink was dry or too wet.  For a few moments there, I forgot to be extra paranoid about myself. Haha. 

Inky Doodles Workshop at Hey Kessy Studio

Above: LauriceAndrea, yours truly, Aina, Alessa, Shar, Ally, Ada, Cherish, Katrina, France, Gabby, Ice & Mansy! 

Again, thanks to all those who came & thanks for making this a memorable one!  To those who want to get first dibs on the new schedules, you may subscribe to the Googly Gooeys & never miss a post or a sign up sheet. Just look for the “Join our mailing list” tab on the sidebar. 🙂

*Hugs to everyone*

Writing with beads of sweat rolling down my temples,

Tippy ❤

P.S. If you’d like to be the first one to know about the new workshop scheds, fill up the form here. 🙂 See you soon! 🙂

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9 years ago

Glad to see you in between the final 16 lucky one’s going on the 10 days exchange trip.
Well done!
Keep us posted.

9 years ago

what watercolor brand do you use po? thanks! love you guys!

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