Lettering on Flip Flops: The Havaianas Filipinas Launch

I’ve been wanting to blog about the Havianas Filipinas Launch for a week now but so many things just got in the way plus the challenge of carrying a 9-month belly has been sending me to dreamland or waking me up in the middle of the night more than I want to lately! *Yikes*

The reason why I’ve been itching to blog about this is that there’s so much eye candy at the Havaianas Filipinas Launch last week at Whitespace.  To boot, Havianas tapped three of our local artists and letterers: Abbey Sy, Patrick Cabral & Alessa Lanot.  🙂

Havaianas Abbey Sy

Above: a Havaianas Filipinas pair designed by Abbey Sy.

Havaianas Filipinas Launch

This year’s theme was Laro, Lasap, Lakbay (literally: Play, Eat, Travel) and the whole venue was filled with tents, picnic tables and Filipino street food.  You can already guess I had so much fun eating. *Oops!* I try tell myself eating for two when you’re pregnant is not real since you only need 300 calories but gahhhh, my digestive system always screams I NEED FOOD NOW!  So you know what happened.

Havaianas Sorbetes

How cute it this tiny gilded Sorbetes cart, huh? 🙂 ♥

Life After Breakfast Lettering

A to Z by Alessa Lanot of Life After Breakfast

Havaianas Filipinas Abbey Alessa Patrick

Above: Abbey Sy, Patrick Cabral & Alessa Lanot.  Got to catch these three just right before their demo.  Whew!  
Abbey Sy Havianas FilipinasOkay, wait.  Actually, before we entered the event, Mansy & I dragged Abbey against this background and decided to take photos of her here as if it was her graduation. Haha.  Well, we had those flowers as a backdrop and it we were approaching the golden hour so we can’t just let the opportunity pass.  #BloggingDuties

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Alessa Lanot Havaianas

Alessa was assigned to design her concept of “Lasap” which is just apt because she also owns and manages multiple resto’s in the Metro our favorite being Hillside. (Hallo Banana Smoothie & Bangus!)

Havaianas Art Materials

Each picnic table had art materials and brush pens so that the crowd can get their creative juices flowing.

18 Havaianas Justin Quirino IMG_2802

I’m so happy to see so many familiar faces from this event one of which was Justin Quirino (left) whom we met at the Blogopolis earlier this year and the year before that. 🙂

Dirty Ice Cream Havaianas FilipinasTrue to the theme, there were multiple stations that represented each aspect: a tumbang preso, doodling station for the Laro portion, a vintage van for the Lakbay station then fish balls, squid balls, dirty ice cream, taho, pandan juice, sago’t gulaman and quesong puti for the lasap station!  *Wow!  I’m finishing this post at an unholy hour and it’s making me want fish balls. Oh noes.*

Patrick Cabral Havaianas Design

Here’s an upclose shot of Patrick Cabral’s design.  Oh, by the way, you have to catch this guy’s talk at the Graphika Manila 2016!

Abbey Sy Patrick Cabral Mansy Abesamis

Above: Abbey Sy, Patrick Cabral & Mansy Abesamis of Hey Kessy

Alessa Lanot Lettering Weekend

Above: Lettering by Alessa Lanot
Havianas Filipinas Abbey Sy

Those who went to the event brought home a pair of slippers. I already started wearing mine early this week but I’m really hoping to be able to take it to the beach next year when little Riley’s big enough to travel. 🙂

13 Alessa Lanot Demo IMG_2781

Above: Dip pen doodles by Alessa Lanot from the demo.  Cat Juan Ledesma Nicole Hernandez Patty Laurel IMG_2791

Above: Cat Juan-Ledesma, Nicole Hernandez-de los Angeles and Patty Laurel-Filart.  Moms and life pegs starting next year. Hahaha. I don’t know how they magically went back into their pre-pregnancy bodies. 🙂

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11 Havaianas Lettering IMG_2819
11 Fashion Bloggers at Havaianas IMG_2776


Above: Happy to see these guys again:  Fashion bloggers Sarah Tirona of Fashion Eggplant, Ana Gonzales, Ava Te-Zabat of Artsy Fartsy Ava & Paul Chuapoco of Paul the PR Guy 🙂 I’m always amused that I get to see Ava at Arts and Crafts events!

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Colorful Days with Stabilo Pens & Moleskine Notebooks

Artsy Ava LetteringAbove: Brush Lettering by Ava

Fishball Havaianas Filipinas

If you want to know what goes on behind blogging and trying to capture the spirit and details of an event, this was me requesting June to hold her stick of fishball for me.  Haha.  People are wondering what I’m doing with a big belly and a camera.  Well, I know my life will be different next year and I know who my new subject will be but for now, I want to be able to make the most out of the last few weeks before I give birth and hopefully freeze all these moments with friends in photos. :)21 Havaianas Collage Group PhotosClockwise: (1) June Digan, Camy Francisco-Cabral & Kanel Adriano, (2) Kanel, June & I with Tweetie de Leon. (The only time thing that would make my friends and I quit playing patintero or piko when I was a kid was the opening tune of Okay Ka Fairy Ko! where Tweetie was an actress so I insisted that this photo be taken. Haha. Thanks for the photo Carl!) ,  (3) Yours Truly with Abbey & Mansy: The La Union Roadtrip Group (4) Craft Camp Group sans Nica: Mansy Abesamis, Alessa Lanot, Macy Alcaraz & Mikko Sumulong

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16 Patrick Cabral Havaianas Invite IMG_2796Here’s one of the event invites designed by Patrick Cabral.  The concept is genius since it also doubles as a coloring sheet.

Patty Laurel Theo Alessa Lanot Tippy Go

I was just so so happy to have finally met Patty Laurel’s baby Theo!  Check out the #EverydayWithTheo hashtag on Patty’s Instagram if you want to know what I mean.  This is my fave post to date.  That’s how I look like when I’m tired and I feel like my world is falling apart but I try to stay strong. Haha. This baby is just effortlessly adorable.  That’s him sporting his signature pensive look.

Patrick Cabral Lettering

Abbey Sy Lettering Demo Havaianas

Layout game strong!  *Insert flexing emoji here*  Above are Patrick & Abbey’s works.  They make me feel like I haven’t done much thought about my lay-outs when I see them work. Haha.


Havaianas Group Photo

Final group picture with Macy, Mikko, Kanel, Carl (Were the indoor lights too bright for ya?), Mansy & June.  This is us before we left for a dinner which turned out to be an ab workout / laughing / hyper-ventilating marathon.  Haha.

‘Til the next fun & colorful event. 🙂



P.S. Get your pair of Havaianas Filipinas edition from the nearest All Flip Flops branch! 🙂

Havaianas Philippines
Website: HavaianasPhilippines.com
Instagram: @HavaianasPhils
Twitter: @HavaianasPhils
Facebook: Facebook.com/HavaianasPhilippines

Abbey Sy
Website: Artistic-Dreams.com
Instagram: @AbbeySy
Twitter: @AbbeySy
Facebook: Facebook.com/ArtByAbbeySy

Alessa Lanot
Website: LifeAfterBreakfast.ph
Instagram: @LifeAfterBreakfastPH
Twitter: @AlessandraLanot
Facebook: Facebook.com/LifeAfterBreakfastph

Patrick Cabral
Behance: Behance.net/DarkGravity
Instagram: @DarkGravity
Twitter: @Calligravity

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8 years ago

Waaaah! I love those flipflops with the ice cream details. Also Cat Juan-Ledesma, Nicole Hernandez-de los Angeles and Patty Laurel-Filart are not just post-preggy goals. They are life goals. Honestly they look way more fit than I do and I’m not eve married to begin with or prego… unless you count my triplet food babies named pizza, cake and ice cream. Haha!

Shekayna Cambronero
Shekayna Cambronero
8 years ago

How I wish I was present at the event!

Shekayna Cambronero
Shekayna Cambronero
8 years ago

Nag-crave tuloy ako sa fishball! Hahaha

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