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Annoying Commercial Jingles

Commercial Jingles! Ahhhh!? Last night (well, midnight actually), a commercial jingle kept playing inside my head while I was trying to finish something.  It’s not just your ordinary jingle, it’s a rap from a mobile company who has loads of money to buy all the spots on TV, radio and wherever else!  Well, it’s one […]

Googly Gooeys Stop Copying Me
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Stop Copying Me! Grrr….

Stop copying me! “Stop copying me”, Ponggo would tell me.  One of my hobbies / purposes in life is to annoy him. 😉  Ponggo loves using my phone for games and once he’s done & the battery’s mostly drained, he gives it back to me and asks me to charge it for him.  Instead of  getting

Googly Gooeys Big Gestures
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Big Gestures

Big Gestures: Well, there are different types of gestures: kind gestures, romantic gestures, iconic gestures then there are the big gestures that I make–the awkward kind. I end up hitting the people behind me or beside me. I usually end up accidentally swatting a stranger while walking backwards and talking to someone in a crowded

Googly Gooeys I Know Right
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I Know Right?

I used to say “Awww…That’s so sad” all the time Ponggo asked me to change my expression since, according to him, it sounds annoying and a bit indifferent and shallow. I changed it to “Oh wow” and after saying it so many times, he said I sounded as if I’m not really amazed and that

GG if google suggestions were a person
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If Google Suggestions Were a Person…

If Google Suggestions Were a Person Ever encountered someone who acted like Google Suggestions? You know, the person who won’t let anyone finish speaking?  The one who completes everyone’s sentences?  The one who keeps on guessing what the other person will say next?  The person who can actually destroy a good conversation? Well, let me

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What Annoys You?

What Annoys You: Top 9 habits (or whatever fits the frame will be drawn & uploaded tomorrow). The  first ones to give the answers that will make it to the top 9 will also be credited & promoted 🙂 So, what annoys you?

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