If Google Suggestions Were a Person…

The Googly Gooeys If Google Suggestions Were a Person "I'm" "I'm yours? I'm with you? I'm yours lyrics?" "I'm going..." "I'm going home? I'm going to play? I'm going to shop?" "I'm going to..." "I'm going to sleep? To amsterdam for 10 months?" "Let me finish" "Let me finish my sentence? My food? My race? This phonecall?"

If Google Suggestions Were a Person

Ever encountered someone who acted like Google Suggestions? You know, the person who won’t let anyone finish speaking?  The one who completes everyone’s sentences?  The one who keeps on guessing what the other person will say next?  The person who can actually destroy a good conversation? Well, let me tell you a secret, I’m partly guilty of this. Hahahaha.  I just realized that I have the habit of doing this when a friend of mine was talking to me and he paused in the middle of his story just to say, “Okay, here’s the part where you interrupt me”.  Oops. I should definitely change this.  Hehe.

Anyway, going back to the real Google Suggestions, what’s the most hilarious thing that Google has ever suggested to you? 🙂


Tipsy 🙂

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Cham Cuartero
11 years ago

Oops! Guilty gal here too! 😛

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