Big Gestures

Googly Gooeys Big Gestures That moment when you're talking to someone, you make a big gesture and you accidentally hit the person beside you

Big Gestures:

Well, there are different types of gestures: kind gestures, romantic gestures, iconic gestures then there are the big gestures that I make–the awkward kind. I end up hitting the people behind me or beside me. I usually end up accidentally swatting a stranger while walking backwards and talking to someone in a crowded mall. Why do I have the habit of walking backwards? I do not know but Ponggo has always been on the watch out and he has saved me so many times from hitting a random person, stepping on one’s foot or getting hit by someone’s luggage. Too bad there were a couple of times when I would make these huge gestures on the ice skating rink while talking to someone, I end up hitting someone on the face, making them fall effortlessly and unintentionally. I’m still working on it and there are times when I would sit on my hands so that I’d stop making these dangerous gestures.


Tipsy ❤

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