5 Resolutions for 2015: Say Good Bye to These

Hello Everyone!

Happy New Year!  Wahh..It was an extremely busy past couple of days but I’m just grateful to have met up with family and friends again.  I’m also relieved I was able to do my last exercise class, trip to the dermatologist and nail spa before the new year ended! *Whew!*  I just felt I had to squeeze it all in before the 31st. Hahahaha.  I’ve rounded up a personal list of things I should be saying good bye to by 2015 though.  Here they are:

Say Good Bye to These in 2015

Here are some 5 resolutions for 2015 plus who & what you should be saying good bye to in 2015:

1. Clutter – I’m so guilty of this.  I wasn’t able to finish fixing the house before the New Year ended.  *Woops!*  I swear, it’s always a constant battle against entropy.  Once we’re done cleaning one section, we sit down and start to work and scatter our stuff again.  Anyway, I hope you got to clean your space and if you have cleaning tips, then let us know.  Please send some help this way.

2. Any form of Clutter –  Yup, practically anything.  It doesn’t really need to refer to things scattered at home. It could be anything from extra unhealthy food in your body to anything that you feel is making your soul weary.  *Re: Eating Healthy, I absolutely have no right to preach about this.  I’m eating chocolates while finishing this blog post.  I’m sorry.  Wait, I’m not sorry. Hehehe.*

 3. One-way Relationships – People need people to survive and it’s essential that we help each other out.  However, if you’re in relationships where you feel like you’re the only one giving (and it doesn’t just apply to love you know), then you either need to:

a. have the courage to voice out that the relationship is not working for you and why
b. remove it from your priority list & prevent it from abusing you further

 4.  People Who Can’t Be Happy for You – These are the people who are always quick to point out the things YOU SHOULD be unhappy about especially when you’re in Cloud Nine.  These days when you can compare yourself by the minute to anyone else on social media, being happy for someone or for everyone can be challenging & tricky. If that happens, it’s okay.  Just take a break from the internet.  We’re all human after all and we can’t just be happy 24/7  for a collective feed of everyone’s high moments and that’s understandable.

However, if you’re at the other end and you have people who are always quick to point out your mistakes not because they want you to grow but because they’re too bitter to accept that some people are doing better than them in certain aspects of their lives, then it’s time to limit the time you spend with them.  Energy is contagious be it positive or negative and I suggest you surround yourself with passionate people who inspire you instead of those who want to see you feeling down.  Beware, because misery loves company.

5. Self-doubt – You already know about this.  It could be crippling.  It could leave you frozen & unproductive.  But, if you actually open your mind and believe that anything is possible, things will start to happen.  Just believe and the forces of the universe will conspire to make that something happen.  It doesn’t really mean that you can confidently announce to anyone that you want something to happen. You can just be silent about it or share them with your most trusted friends. 🙂

Well, that’s pretty much it.  I would love to know what’s on your list and what you think about mine.  Feel free to dis/agree.


Tipsy ❤

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Feng Manlapaz
Feng Manlapaz
9 years ago

Ah! just the post that I need… thanks for this… I will print it out and post it on the mirror so i can always be reminded… Happy new Year!

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