What Happens to New Year’s Resolutions

Googly Gooeys What Happens to New Year's Resolutions 1) Day 1 of the New Year: "This year, I'll start eating healthy. I'll travel more & read more!" 2) First few weeks of the new year: "Hmm...I'm still on track" 3) Mid-year: "Hmmm...I think this list needs some editing." 4) When the year is about to end: "I haven't done most of the stuff one the list! Yikes!" 5) Your final resolution: "I'll just do the rest of the stuff next year!"

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Before I rudely interrupted myself…

In a recent trip, I told myself that I won’t be eating chocolates so that I can save some space in my tummy for some yummy (ooh that rhymes!) authentic Chinese food!   I was successful for three days but then on the fourth day, a box of Guylian was offered to me and I was munching on some yummy hazelnut chocolates in no time!  (Ah! I’m definitely getting a high grade under the self-control department. Am I not? 😉 )

I just thought, “Well, this is the end of 2012 & that, as one of my new year’s resolutions, maybe I should just start exercising more in 2013”.  It was impossible to squeeze in some exercise time during the first day of the new year because of our crazy schedule but I was able to exercise a lot on the first week of this year (any form of exercise will be considered A LOT versus a sedentary lifestyle 😛 ).  Well, that was the first week and I haven’t really had much exercise this week.  I thought it was going to take me weekSSS before I gave up but nooooo.

I’ve been trying to convince myself though that while promises are made to be broken, if  I fail to complete my goals are this year, the more important thing is to be able to get up and get back on track 🙂

Let’s see!!!!?!

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