Brush Lettering Globe Promo

We can’t believe it either when we heard the news but Globe is giving away 50 passes to a brush lettering workshop on November 26, 2-6pm at Costa Coffee in BGC.  As much as I will no longer delay you with all my stories so here are the mechanics:

1. Like and share the #ShareYourStory: Art Workshop video (link:

2. Tell us how you show appreciation to your loved ones this holiday season and use the hashtag #ShareYourStory (make sure that your Facebook account is on public).

3. Sign up through this link:

4. The 50 most creative shared posts will be awarded passes to #ShareYourStory: Art Workshop.

5. Winners will be announced on November 21 on the #ShareYourStory: Art Workshop event page.

Brush Lettering Workshop with Globe

Please follow the instructions carefully.  The video must be shared from the Facebook event page.  Step #3 is also important! 😉 You have to register the link via the Google Docs page.  Only valid entries will be considered.

Watercolor & Brush Lettering

So, to those who joined, you’re wondering what’s included in the kit? 🙂
Faber-Castell Watercolor Sets (12 colors)
1 Faber-Castell Synthetic Round Brush
1 Pencil
Watercolor Worksheets
Brush Lettering Worksheets
Watercolor & Brush Lettering Handouts

Brush Lettered Quotes
Winners will be announced by Globe on November 21 so stay tuned.
In times like these, all we want to do is destress, relax a little and take our mind off certain things as well as express our thoughts.   This workshop will be a great opportunity all of us to do that!

See ya! 🙂

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If you need some quick links:
>> Workshop Mechanics
>> Globe Event Page
>> Video for Sharing

Watercolor Brush Lettering Workshop Preview Image If you have any questions on how to join.  Let me know so we can help ya! :)


Mommy Tippy & Riley 😀

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