At The Heart of Serendra (Part 2)

I can’t believe we just finished painting the heart mural in Serendra. I’m grateful & honored to have been asked to redo our heart.  In case you missed it, you may read about the first abstract heart we painted last February here.

Serendra Paint

I wish I took more photos but the most I could do was take photos for Twitter & Instagram stories. You may check out the thread here.

Paint in Paper Cups

I swear, if I had more time, I would have styled all the paper cups but my team mates & I had to keep going! Thank you by the way to Alex Dizon, Randolph Novino of PinoyScreenCast & Char Go for helping out! 🙂


To make way for the new heart, the old one had to be peeled off.  It was a relatively chill day so I managed to do a very short clip.
*Recalls the sched for that day.* Okay, it was a jampacked day but still, I guess I just had to capture the moment on video. Haha.

Coming soon @iloveserendra ??? ?: Golden Ocean by Nicolai Heidlas

A video posted by The Googly Gooeys (@googlygooeys) on

Peeled off Paint Serendra Heart

Serendra Heart RecoatThe hubby did most of the base coat as I was conserving my energy for the actual painting process (as well as chasing deadlines on the side). :D

Pink Paint Serendra

As with any project, nothing is really straightforward.  The fickle weather was teasing us (but we’re grateful for the management of Serendra for having provided a tent & fan to help with the painting process).  Also, the colors we picked are tricky.  Aside from it having to be the best approximate match of the digital file, it has to play well with the other colors.  Also, the paint was chosen under flourescent light but actual painting had to be done in broad daylight which meant that from the swatch, our dark colors ended up to be two shades lighter.
Serendra Color PaletteYou can say I used all the colors of the rainbow except for orange. Haha.

Green Paint Serendra

After 2 half days of recoating, a total of 20 hours worth of painting in two days, a few funny outfits with paint splatter, it’s finally done! 🙂

Serendra Mural

On a lot of days, I still can’t believe I wake up every day and I have to draw…as a job: something I did as a kid for fun!  It felt like being able to do a giant page of a coloring book which takes me back to the first ever time I had to color for school and my dad was helping me out with my color scheme and crayons. 🙂

Serendra Heart Mural

I was trying to look at the design from an outsider’s point of view at 12:00 midnight last night.  I was thinking: Hmmm…this girl is generally happy and has a lot going on in all aspects of her life and she’s trying to balance it.  It’s so easy to see the duality she deals with through the light & dark colors plus interconnectedness of everything via the intersecting geometric shapes.  Haha. Okay, sorry. It’s a weird exercise but I just find it funny anyway. 😛 😀

Thanks again to the Googly team as well as Serendra’s for making this possible! 🙂

Should you ever find yourself standing in front of this heart, don’t forget to tag @iloveserendra on Instagram or use the hashtag #LovEmHearts.  It would be awesome if you could tag us too so we can see what pose you came up with or your thoughts on the design in general! 🙂


Mommy Tippy 🙂

Serendra (beside Powerbooks & Abe)
Fort Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City
Metro Manila

Serendra on Instagram: @iloveserendra
Serendra on Facebook: @iloveserendra
Official Hashtag: #LovEmHearts


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7 years ago

Tippy it’s so pretty!!!! <3 <3 <3

7 years ago

I’m so glad I managed to take a photo of Heart 1.0. Imagine, Riley was still in your tummy then! I’ll make sure to drop by this one. But should you have to do heart 3.0, I volunteer as tribute! If not as a painter, as Riley’s baby sitter. LOL. Great job with this!

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