Fully Booked BGC Watercolor and Lettering Workshop

Thank you so much everyone for the overwhelming response to all the workshops, we’ll be holding another session on January 10, Saturday.  The Fully Booked BGC Watercolor and Lettering workshop will be from 2-5:30pm.  This will be in cooperation with the School of Fun Things (SOFT).  *I smile every time I read the name.  It’s sounds like Hogwarts for the arts! Hehehe.*

Fully Booked Watercolor Lettering Workshop

It will definitely an afternoon of color and crafty mess! 😀  Snacks & drinks will be provided.

The workshop will cover the following:
1. Introduction to Watercolor (Watercolor Washes)
2. Expanding your Palette
3. Lettering with Watercolor
4. Guided Project-Making

To give you an idea, here are a couple of outputs from last weekend’s workshops:

Hey Kessy Lennon's Work IMG_8123 copy
Above is the work of first year college student Lennon Villanueva.

Fozzy Dayrit Brush Lettering Heima
Here’s when I forced Fozzy to use color in her work because she’s always into black and white.  I still owe her a monochrome artwork though. I just can’t seem to let go of colors.

We’re actually surprised that we’ve only finalized the details the other day but the slots are full.  But, don’t worry.  You may still sign up to be the first one to know if a slot frees up or when we have a new workshop schedule.  We encourage you to check your mailbox and or spam folders since Gmail tends to consider first time e-mails as such.  We will also try to get in touch with you through SMS so you get your updates quickly. 🙂  But, should you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch with us through e-mail address: ponggo[at]googlygooeys[dot]com.

See you guys next year! 🙂



Update as of December 18, 11:46am:
We have two new workshop schedules to accommodate everyone on the waitlist:
January 17, 2015, Saturday, 1-5pm, Scarsdale S&R Shaw – 3 slots left
February 7, 2015, Saturday, 1-5pm Hey Kessy Studio. – 4 slots left
February 8, 2015, Sunday, Fully Booked BGC. – FULL

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