Christmas Finds at SM Stationery

Holiday is already in full swing with Christmas lights in malls, Christmas trees in different houses & I’m pretty sure that just like me, you’re already wondering what you should give your friends this Christmas! Hmmm…Hmmm….Hmm….*Insert thinking emoji.*


SM Stationery Christmas Gifts

The season is all about red & green but I tried to classify my finds into different Christmas palettes: pink & teal, dark blue & red and fruity peach & yellow green. 🙂

Check out these Christmas finds from SM Stationery. I swear, if I could have gone on and on, shopped & took photos because there were just too many things that made me giddy!
I made a mini vlog about my shopping trip too 🙂

SM Stationery Cute Pens


SM Stationery Cute Notebooks

If you had a friend who loved pastels, black & white, the fall palette, cartoony stuff, gadgets and the like, you’ll find it at SM Stationery!

SM Stationery Cute Pens

They have notebooks, sketch pads, washi tapes, colorful ballpens, coloring materials, cutesy keychains, stuff to brighten up your travels…the list goes on.  There are literally thousands of items in this store!  They also have a section for your favorite books & magazines. 🙂

SM Stationery Gift ItemsMy two favorite sets are the one above with the colored pencil illustration & Australian-inspired abstract print and the dark blue set below.

SM Stationery Dark BlueI don’t know why I’m recently attracted to this hue but it just balances all the brights colors. :)  One thing that I noticed is that they also have gift wrappers and paper bags *the best for crammers like me* for all sorts of gifts that you have so you can play matchy-matchy. :)
SM Stationery Dark BlueWhen I visit stores like these, I also love looking for design inspo.  I’m amused with Japanese illustration so I bought the notebook above.  The watercolored sketch pad was just tempting too I want to bring them all home!
Watercolored NotebooksThey also have a lot of notebooks with watercolored food illustrations! *Okay, I might have stayed in front of that display for far too long….* 😀

Notebook with QuotesSM Stationery definitely knows what everyone wants with so many items having floral & nature-inspired graphics. :)
SM Stationery Christmas CardsIf your as overwhelmed as me on what to give your friends this Christmas, I just realized, you will never go wrong with stationery items.  Everyone uses them every day at work and your gift will end up being a  lovely reminder on someone’s desk not just for this time of the year but every single day! 🙂
SM Stationery Gift BoxesWell, I won’t keep you long! It’s mid-November and I must say it’s the best time to shop now before everyone flocks to the malls! 😀



P.S. Find out more about SM Stationery here:


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Eunice Panopio
Eunice Panopio
7 years ago

“If you had a friend who loved pastels, black & white, the fall palette, cartoony stuff, gadgets and the like” I KEPT POINTING AT MYSELF. Also, SO INLOVEEE WITH THE POUCH THAT’S LIKE PAINT BRUSHED LIKE THE HEART YOU MADE IN BGC

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