The Life of a Gamer


If there’s a real third-party in our relationship, that would be the Clash of Clans app or gaming in general!

I love watching The Big Bang Theory.  I thought it was funny how they were so caught up & obsessed with their own geekiness.  Then, one day, I found myself sitting in the middle of the joke.  I realized, I married a fellow geekazoid.  Well, I almost forgot about it because back in college, we were surrounded with people with ridiculous brain powers (e.g. classmates who can compute the square root up to 2-3 decimal places without the help of a calculator).  We felt so normal.  Actually, more than normal, I felt oh-so-mediocre crying in the middle of accounting long tests.

Then, fast forward to 9 1/2 years later when I married this boyfriend of mine, it dawned upon me that I actually married a gamer.  The other day, I asked for a hug.  He wrapped his arms around me and continued playing Clash of Clans clicking the screen of his iPhone behind my back.  On certain nights, I would wonder how he would fall asleep so quickly until I see a bright light beneath the comforter! OMG.  He’s still not yet done taking care of his CoC troops!  The members of his clan are our batchmates (err..people from the same geeky course) who do post-game analysis, those who own multiple gaming accounts and Excel spreadsheets to optimize their attack strategy. *Serious stuff! Whoa! Gahhhh…*

Here’s the life of the gamer (and of course, the wife of a gamer):

Clash of Clans Addict Comics

I told him last week that I was going to blog about his addiction to CoC.  I thought this would prompt him to play less.  His goal then was to reach top 200 in the Philippines.  But, upon hearing my plan, he spent more time with his phone (and it frustrates me that as I’m writing this he’s STILL looking at his phone). He just hit rank 99 in the country yesterday. *Sigh*

Clash of Clans Ponggo Rank 99

Yup, he did this just for the sake of getting a screencap!

Well, ladies, if your boyfriends / potential boyfriends / best friend / crush is addicted to Clash of Clans or any gaming app, this is a peek into your future relationship.



Tipsy  ❤



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9 years ago

Addict na talaga yan! Ako tumigil na sa CoC last year.
Promise ko this year, ibang game naman. 😛

Cymbelly Marzan
9 years ago

Hehehe! Di ba there’s a girl who broke up with her bf who was addicted to CoC?

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