Fact of the Day #81: The Two Types of Friends

Fact of the Day #81 Seasonal Friends

 Fact of the Day #81: There are two types of friends: the friend for all seasons…and the seasonal friend…


There are two types of friends: one that sticks with you forever no matter what and has the ability to absorb all your weirdness and then there are those who suddenly become your friend when they need something. I always say that when two people want to be friends, they’ll find ways to keep in touch. However, people who see each other everyday–say classmates or officemates–who have no intention of becoming anything more than acquaintances will never make any effort.

Once in a while, you receive a call, text or e-mail from an old dear friend.  Memories will start popping up and then you will ask your self, “Hmm…Why did we stop becoming friends again?”  Chances are, you don’t even know what the reason is. Then you guys will start catching up talking about random things. You’re finally ready to welcome him or her back into your life and voila, s/he drops the line,

“May I ask you a favor?”

Well, more often than not, it’s a tiny harmless task but at other times, there are those who try to take advantage of you once you’re comfortably seated in their lair 😉 *insert evil grin here*

Luckily, not all friends are like this and once in a while, you’ll find a bunch of people ready to cry with you, laugh with you & laugh AT you 😉

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