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I’ve been wondering why I’m into making videos lately.  Then, I realized that our blog, my supposed side project of so many years has now become my full-time work.  So, in the spirit of story-telling that started this all, I am back to being constantly looking out for things that make me happy that I would love for you guys to see!  (Cue photo of cups with yummy chips and flaglets. Haha.)

Design Department Manila Team ManilaAfter receiving the invite, I was scrolling down the page of Design Dept.’s Facebook page. I saw a few posters and I remember wondering if, by any chance, the folks over at Team MNL are willing to have this space vlogged.  I’m happy they agreed. 🙂

Design Department Manila Daily Grind

I had no idea as to what I’ll be seeing for the rest of the evening but I just felt there was something more behind those photos.  After all, this is a space created and curated by Team Manila, one of the design agencies I’ve always looked up since the blog’s early days.

Design Dept MNL Items Apparently, Design Dept. MNL is a place where artists can sell their merchandise, do an exhibit or hold intimate talks.  I can’t wait to see how various events will unfold in this place in the future!
Design Dept MNL Coasters I was super thrilled to find grids and books neatly arranged by color in one place! 😀

Team Manila Shelf

I often wonder what I’m going to do with my growing collection of design books here at home These days, it’s worse because I’m also collecting books for Riley that double as illustration inspirations for me! *Woops*

However, I like what Jowee, one of the two founders of Team Manila said.  He shared that these books have served as an inspiration and a reminder that their work should be at par with the materials featured in it and should deserved to be published there too.  *Ahha!*

Team Manila Hangers

Above is Team Manila’s iconic Rizal with shades logo–the visual that caught my eye some time in 2009.
Team Manila Books

Jose Rizal has a good place in my childhood.  He and I share the same birthday. I had this funny and weird notion when I was a kid that we were somehow related and that I should impress him. 😛 He was the one who inspired me to explore different fields though I kind of gave up on the language and taking up Medicine part. 😀 Hihi.  Anyway, that’s something I just wanted to write here that I forgot to share during my turn to talk about while sharing a doodle of Rizal out of being sooo nervous. 😀

I was so chill while preparing for the talk.  Okay. I wasn’t really relaxed the first time I ever prepared a talk about my blog years ago.  However, I thought it was going to be a story-telling type in front of a similar audience–I always get to explain why I do what I do and how I do it to people who are usually from another field.

Team Manila Jose Rizal

However, 30 minutes before the actual thing, I realized that will be talking to full-time graphic artists.  Various thoughts raced through my mind and my heart was beating fastfor the first time in such a long time while sharing my story.  Long story short, I survived thanks to focusing on a few encouraging nods and Riley joining the audience and clapping his hands at the end of my talk. 😀 *Thanks Rye Rye!*

I must say though feel I grateful for having been invited to see Design Dept MNL and delighted that they also opened their studio space to the public that night! 🙂

Team Manila Studio
I always hear artists tell other artists to surround themselves with things that inspire them and may these inspire you too!  Joey showed us his studio.  He has been collecting ephemera about the Philippines. Also, for design, he and his team would go around the city to check out typography, palette and the peculiarities of the city and incorporate that into their design. Team Manila Pink Books

This is a very good exercise design-wise.  It’s also a good way to be mindful of our surroundings and get to really embrace our culture.  Team Manila has played a crucial role in helping do just that ever since Jowee Alviar and Raymund Punzalan started their design studio in 2001 & eventually their retail arm.

Design Dept Team Manila Studio IMG_9795

Okay. I don’t want to spoil anything anymore!  Watch the video to take a sneak peek at the event.  Design Dept MNL Rack IMG_9793

I just want to thank Alex & Mansy for all the help & moral support that day! 😀 *Whew!*Design Dept MNL Books for Sale IMG_9791

Here’s to exploring more inspiring spaces, setting our eyes to new horizons! 😀

Design Dept MNL Curls IMG_9825

And oh, I don’t usually get to have my photo taken when I’m the one behind the lens but here’s a photo I grabbed from the Team Manila page.
TM-DDEPTLAUNCH-08 Tippy Go*I will work on my posture next time!* Hihi.

‘Til then!

The Googly Family 😀

Design Dept MNL
From Team Manila’s Blog
Facebook: @DesignDeptMNL
Instagram: @DesignDeptMNL
Store Address:
3F Valdecon Building,
Jupiter St., Barangay Bel-Air,
Makati City, Metro Manila,
Republic of the Philippines

Team Manila Graphic Design Studio
Facebook: @TeamManilaDesignStudio
Instagram: @teammanilastudio

Team Manila Lifestyle
Instagram: @TeamManila
Facebook: @TeamManila

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7 years ago

OMG so many visual cues! You can spend a few seconds in there and get inspired. I can’t help but notice the grid patterns everywhere. I’m always so drawn to it for some reason. And that bookshelf is bomb. My OC self is screaming. Hehe.

PS: Your outfit is so cute Tippy! Yes, even from the back. 😉

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