Summer Art Buffet with Watercolour Pencils

I promised to stop myself from opening my blog posts with a comment about how time just flies!  😀 It’s been a couple of weeks since the Summer Art Buffet, one of the events I was just really grateful to have been invited to teach.

Faber Fully Booked Group PhotoYep, that’s how it looked like after the class with everyone thrilled to see everyone’s works. :) I wish I could upload the Boomerang file here! :DAlbrecht Durer Watercolour PencilsThe Summer Art Buffet is a series of free workshops hosted by Faber-Castell & Fully Booked. :) It really IS an buffet where you get to try, explore & play around with the art materials. *I wish they had one of these when I was still a kid.*
Faber Fully Booked Rose IMG_9920Unlike our regular workshops, this session is focused on Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer Watercolour Pencils.  Also, since a lot of people have been requesting for workshops about flowers, I prepared handouts for this in particular. 🙂

Albrecht Durer Watercolour Pencils

Yep, you can sketch & color at once: no need for a separate pencil, watercolor or colored pencils if you want your work to have a multi-media finish. 🙂
Painting Flowers Workshops Philippines Faber-CastellYou can go as dark and sketchy as the finish above. *Okay, when I said sketchy, I was referring to the very raw finish.* 😀 *I’m so corny.*
Watercolor Floral Workshop Fully Booked Faber-CastellYou may also add lots of water to your watercolour pencils for a more fluid and translucent appearance.
Summer Workshops Philippines Faber-Castell Fully Booked I really enjoyed how we had a wide range of workshop attendees in terms of age and how everyone seemed to have brought their kids / friends / aunt / schoolmates with them. 😀

Summer Art Buffet IMG_9871I’m just grateful that the participants have allowed me to share with them a bit of history & samples of watercolor pencils. I did a bit of stalking…err..research on the internet about Albrecht Durer–the Renaissance painter himslef as well as his works.  I’m always like that with quotes & assignments with historical references.  I probably enjoy researching & reading up now that I know that I will not be quizzed about this. :) Hehehe.

Floral Workshop Output

I wish I was able to take better pictures of everyone’s works but I hurriedly snapped a photo before everyone had to claim their works!  So many creative souls this day and I’m really loving how varied everyone’s works are even if they had to work on a few similar references! 🙂

Join us for more Summer Art Buffet sessions with Faber-Castell & Fully Booked. Check out the schedule below:
Summer Art BuffetSo, see you this Easter Sunday at the S Maison Conrad Hotel from 3-5pm for our Easter Session! 🙂

Faber-Castell Easter Workshop GGY_9959

Yep, we will be coloring in & decorating Easter Eggs…on paper. :DFaber-Castell Easter Workshop Collage GGY_9957

…and of course going all out with them Easter Pastel colors (also my favorite)! 😀

Faber-Castell Connector Pens

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7 years ago

Wow. Looking at everyone’s works, you could really tell how each person’s personalities and styles differ. So much story told in colors and visuals. I am in love!

Mikasa Ackerman
Mikasa Ackerman
6 years ago

I love your artworks! So happy to see ’em all!

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