Rileys First Birthday Preview

Riley’s First Birthday

Riley just finished celebrating his first birthday with his grandparents. 🙂 Well, some of them are already asking for photos so I took the liberty of editing the rest of them and uploaded them here. 🙂 You don’t leave the house without taking a photo of all the birthday paraphernalia. Hahaha.  So my mom was

Riley in Recaro Preview Image
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An Ounce of Gratefulness

Riley just had his first Trick or Treat yesterday & this was his costume 😀 Hello Guys! 🙂 It’s been a crazy busy month as I try to meet all my deadlines before flying to Singapore!  I’ve been wanting to write a blog post but I: (a) eventually fall asleep while trying to put Riley

Riley Sanicare Preview Image IMG 0610

Full Circle

I am trying to make a conscious effort of not starting this blog post (and every blog post this year) with “so much has changed in my life lately since Riley was born” but it has! Things just went into full circle this year and it’s as if motherhood is here to make me realize

Riley Preview Image

Mommy’s Birthday + Father’s Day

These days, I’m officially a member of the mombie (mom + zombie) society.  It means that when everyone’s asleep, I get to have some guilt-free me time.  I was supposed to blog last night but after putting my 20 pound 5 1/2 month baby to sleep, I just felt like my arms were made of

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