My baby is now a little boy. I can’t believe I’m typing this but it’s the truth. While I do sometimes miss the teeny tiny Riley, his two year old (almost three) self has got quite the amount of surprises too.

For starters, I always thought that shopping would only be fun for little girls but I was proven wrong. (Gladly too!)

Even prints and toys are equally as fun! I often find myself getting inspiration from colors, shapes and patterns from the boy’s section. Who would have thought?

Also, I didn’t realize that Riley at two can already pick clothes (and pose with them) on his own and without anyone telling him to! ?

Now speaking of shopping, Mothercare recently opened a new branch in UP Town Center so the little man and I went for some mommy-Riley time. Any guesses as to what Riley picked? Read to the end to find out. ?

I’m such a sucker for these Skip Hop bags.  We have the owl and fox versions. Motherhood is definitely a good excuse to spoil your inner child. ???

What lovely illustrations / pattern inspo too! The kids section is full of these. You’d be surprised how much fun they are even for adults aka kids at heart like us.

Definitely enjoying how Mothercare makes dressing up babies more fun…even little boys.

You’ll find more than just blue for boys. Yay for Teal and Pink!

If you’re a doting auntie / looking for a gift for your preggy friends or you’re just looking for educational toys for tots,  drop by Mothercare in UP Town Center.

And if you’re looking for gift ideas or necessities,  they have a LOT of items for new moms and newborn babies too. It’s a one-stop shop for accessories, pumps, toys and toiletries too. I often shop here for Riley and my nephews and nieces.

They just have lots of gift ideas! I personally wanted this on my desk just because.  Okay,  I can share this with Riley too. (Why has this been a constant pattern lately? Haha!)

Oh and I bought a tumbler for Riley! But that’s just me. He picked a different one for himself…

The colors here are ????!

Here are some picks if I ever had a baby girl. Although lately, Riley only says “baby braw-da (brother)”.

On a different note, I wish they had them in my size too. Hihi.

Ahh…. The colors of summer ??

As for the little man’s pick… He particularly chose this airplane print by himself but didn’t want to change back to his outfit after visiting the store. ?

Mothercare is located at UP Town Center. For a complete list of branches, click here. You can also check out their Facebook and Instagram.

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