Riley’s First Birthday

Riley just finished celebrating his first birthday with his grandparents. 🙂 Well, some of them are already asking for photos so I took the liberty of editing the rest of them and uploaded them here. 🙂

Riley's First Birthday Abstract
You don’t leave the house without taking a photo of all the birthday paraphernalia. Hahaha.  So my mom was like, “Oh no. I had a cake made based on his favorite animals.  It should have been your design.” I told her it’s okay. I can rework the design next year & include the number two in the logo I made.


Riley's First Birthday LogoWe had a very busy holiday and some unforeseen personal errands so I had to cram the printing part this morning.  While I was doing so, I was thinking to myself, “Should I upload this branding work on Behance?”  After all, my son is my biggest & tiniest client. Haha.

Riley with Wooden Toys

This is just me super amused that we received wooden toys from his Auntie Char & Tito Art.  I’m such a sucker for wooden toys.  Sometimes I think I’m more excited to receive gifts than Riley. Haha. I get to relive my childhood thanks to him.

Riley's First Birthday Wooden Blocks

I brought some tote bags with me to the party & the set-up looked like our workshop setup initially. Hehe.

Pink Desserts Edsa Shangri-la

First Order of Business: Desserts…always & always. I didn’t want to stress myself for the birthday preps and the day itself.  So I just went with an intimate buffet style birthday. Doncha worry, we’ll be live on Facebook tomorrow at 2pm-ish.

Riley's First Birthday Giraffe

So, the celebrant felt extra friendly with his favorite creatures.

Riley Birthday CakeIn all the years of blogging, I just realized I haven’t been sharing a lot of personal photos but I guess, this is a shared experience and you guys have been such cheerleaders throughout our parenting journey so we’re sharing our personal album too. :)
Riley Family PictureThat moment when you’re ready for a photo but your family has other plans. Also, Riley was too hungry, he just wanted to eat. Hehehe.  He has 9 teeth by the way & teething the other night. *OMG*

Yes, I made sure that Riley & his dad’s outfits are matchy-matchy. Hehe.

I’m so sorry. I just realized I have too many photos here.  I was actually taking everyone’s photos & videos so I was making an extra effort to ensure I was also inside the story.  I may have overdone it. Haha.

Riley & Carol

Riley & his Titas: Carol, Abbey, Char & Mik!

OMG. The struggle of having a decent family in under a few seconds is real!

13-family-pic-struggle-img_3228I have a lot more photos that look like this! Hehehe. I really hope I get to find the time to actually come up with an analog album.  It seems like digital files are just too elusive for Riley to be able to dig up 20 to 30 years from now.

Well, that’s it folks!  The celebration continues tomorrow on our Facebook Page ( as we go live by 2pm.  🙂

Riley's First Birthday Facebook InviteSee you tomorrow! :D
*Time may be adjusted according to the celebrant’s sleepiness & mood. 😀

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7 years ago

Too bad I missed the Facebook Live as it happened but I watched it later anyway. Hihi. Happy birthday again lil’ munchkin! Also, Riley is starting to look more and more like you Tippy. Sorry, Ponggo. 🙂

PS: You look so good in that blue dress! You should wear that hue more often. Also, #fit!

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