Your Dreams Are Valid

There was an Oscar frenzy allover social networking sites yesterday but I was busy with work so all I could do was peak from time to time as to what was happening.  First came in the comments about everyone’s dresses and ‘do’s as usual. Then, then came in the most retweeted & favorited group selfie of all time. I’ll get to that later 😉

Earlier today, I was trying to finish another blog post.  I can’t help but watch a couple of videos in between just to find out what else happened during the Oscars. *Forgive me!*  I finally clicked to hear Lupita Nyong’o’s acceptance speech.  A couple of minutes later, I found myself looking for tissue and bawling.  Good thing Ponggo wasn’t around to tease me crying over a Youtube video. *Whew!* Lupita said, “Wherever you’re from, your dreams are valid”.  Such powerful, heartfelt words!  So empowering! I’m actually running out of adjectives but those are just the words that suddenly open your mind and the horizon you think it can reach!  After that, I can already feel like I can achieve everything!  Okay, well, not really everything as in everything but these words deserve a tribute so here’s another animated  video on Instagram.

*Whew! Just uploaded this on Instagram too…and now officially panicking that this vid lacks a coma.* Gahhhh…. By the way, the music is from one of my all-time favorite movies, 500 days of Summer ❤

Actually, I recommend that you watch the Lupita Nyong’o’s acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress. If you’re the type who instantly gets glassy-eyed at Youtube videos or when a beauty queen is crowned or an Olympian is given a gold medal (just like me…because our kind internalizes too much), then grab a box of tissue (or your seatmate’s t-shirt) before pressing play. 😉

Now, to that popular selfie!

Actually, each time someone says “group selfie” I can already hear someone in my head saying “Why is it called SELFie when it’s a group?” *Sigh* Le Grammar Nazi.  Anyway, at that time, I saw it at 300,000 retweets which I thought was already a loooot.  Now, it’s currently at 3,103,992 retweets.  If you’d like to track for yourself, click here.
Oscars Group Selfie

Well, whatever you’re dreams are and wherever you’re from, may you remember that all dreams are valid.  Yup. Even aiming for 4 million retweets 🙂 But of course, these things won’t just fall on your lap.  It also takes work as well.  Tons of work! 😀


Tipsy ❤


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10 years ago

Cute video. You’re really getting better at it. Me want more. 😀

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