The Cycle of Lateness + Ponggo’s Instagram

If Ponggo saw this post (because I’m assuming he’s still asleep by the time this gets uploaded), he’d probably telI me “Why did you use the Ponggo character? Aren’t you always the one who’s late???” *Whoops!*

I would always rush every morning & I finally finally realized, I didn’t want to be late anymore. I’ve finally discovered what’s the latest time that I can wake up and leave the house without getting late and I should finally stick to this schedule.  I usually loathe myself for not making it on time & this is always the cycle of lateness I go through (not that I have a beard to shave before I leave).  *Okay you smartypants, don’t take things too literally*.

Cycle of Lateness

And no, I don’t take selfies either (orrrr…I just don’t upload them..hehe) but I always end up squeezing an Instagram post or two before leaving our place.  I take things from around the house, lay-out & relay them out until I’m finally happy.  (In my head, I’m a prop stylist but in real life, I’m just making use of whatever I can find within the next three to five feet). 😀 I’m such a fan of natural light so as you may have noticed, I usually take my Instagram photos during the day & upload them mostly before bed time 😀 *Can you already imagine the obsessive-compulsiveness that Ponggo has to deal with all the time?*

Well, I must say, I’m not the one who’s always late.  I always see him checking his Instagram account before leaving, typing in a couple of lines on Facebook chat & defending his base on Clans of Clans while I’m already at the door. *Hmp*

I’m not really promising that I’ll be 100% prompt from today on but I’ll try (with buckets of sweat trickling down my temples).  Hihi.

Hope you weren’t late for work today or for any other pending project/s!



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P.P. S. Speaking of late & Instagram……Ponggo hates it that I never promote his Instagram account (when come to think of it, I actually always mention him it’s just that he’s never taken his account so seriously until recently). So please please follow @ponggo_googlygooeys on IG. Haha 😀 Here’s one of his favorite (and most favorited) photos:

See you Instagram! 🙂

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