Things You Can Do With Washi Tape

Heima MT Washi Tape Workshop Googly Gooeys Trion Towers

Today, we’re very honored to have been invited by Heima to talk about their MT Washi Tapes at the Trion Towers, BGC, Taguig City where Real Living Magazine was having their Real Living Space Exhibit–a showcase of the works of 8 interior designers.  To complete the experience, they came up with free DIY workshops, one is decorating your space & home with washi tape.

Uses of MT Washi Tape (Heima x Googly Gooeys)

Well, what is washi tape?  Think of it as the prettier version of masking tapes.  There are so many things you can do with washi tape.  You can use it to wrap practically anything: your phone, laptop, notebook, pens, pencils et cetera.   You may also use it to create patterns, buntings & flaglets for your cake or cupcake.  Personally, I use it to tape my artworks to the wall.   I also use it to mark the favorite pages of my magazines.

Washi Posts on Instagram

From my Instagram: Washi tape, washi tape.  I swear, if this seem a lot to you, wait ’til you see the boxes & boxes of washi tapes my crafter friends have!  This is just the normal amount of washi tapes one should have–or this actually seems little for the addicts in the truest sense of the word.  Actually, you won’t see this high stack anymore if you ever get to visit my house.  While a lot of people love staring at their washi tapes and placing them in one corner, I end up consuming rolls & rolls.  Where’s the fun in washi if you’re not using them?  (i.e. same logic as “Why stare at cake when you can eat it?” 🙂 *Oops*)

Washi Tape Projects & Ideas

The reason why I love using washi tapes is that they’re very friendly & forgiving. (I have the habit of personifying things, no?)  This is so because when you remove washi from any surface, it doesn’t peel of the paint or the paper–no residue gets left.  With that, it’s easier to experiment with designs.  Unlike with the normal clear tape, you don’t have to feel pressured that you have to commit to a certain design or lay-out right away!  You can just follow your whims & edit when necessary.

Why Use Washi Tape

Also, they come in all these make-your-heart-melt (or palpitate) colors & cutesy patterns.  You can cut them with your bare hands too.  Unless you’re getting obsessive compulsive then you may also opt to use a pair of scissors, a cutter and ruler 😉  Washi tape is easy to combine with other materials and you can also use washi tape as a color palette inspiration  and other projects such as what I did with this cake.  The digital patterns I used are actually based on my favorite washi colors & designs.  I also noticed that a lot of the Googly props I draw for the comics are all washi inspired!

Beyond Washi Tape

Here are a few snaps from the fun & homey forty-five minute workshop today.  Thank you to Real Living for the very warm welcome as well as Heima for tapping us for this DIY experience.  Everyone was too busy washifying their cellphones, postcards, notebooks & envelopes to even notice what was going on around them.  Haha.

Real Living Washi Workshop Participants

This is yours truly signing off for the day.  (Can you tell how happy I am just to get to sit beside that Pantone postcard covered wall pretending that the space designed by Heima is actually my office?)

Tipsy at the Real Living x Heima Washi Workshop

Don’t forget to check out Heima Store online and also their Brixton Pasig & LRI Makati branches.  Check out Real Living Magazine  for more inspiration on how you can prettify your home. 🙂

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10 years ago

eeekk~ sayang di ko alam today pala yung workshop~ I can seeee that pretty cake over there~♥

10 years ago

Washi taaaaaaapes! I want the big ones so I can tape my walls! Alas, I might mummify myself too!

10 years ago

Great post! Is there any chance of doing a tutorial on how you did that amazing red, white, and blue bow using washi tape?

8 years ago

can washi tape melt on a laptop/pc?

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