plan b for art projects

We were working on the Heima MT Casa x MT Spaces exhibit last year. During the last few nights before the exhibit, we figured we won’t be to finish it on time so we called for reinforcements.  Our tiny washi house still had no roof.  Finally, I had the idea of cutting circles from craft paper.  Together with our friends Pierre & Gicel, we prepared lots and lots of paper our fingers were starting to hurt & we were actually sleepy because we were trying to cram a few things like the origami boxes in the wee hours of the morning.

Finally, when Ponggo & I went to Heima for the actual installation of the roof, I realized that brown on brown didn’t look as impressive as I initially thought.  It will end up gettting drowned in all the color.  So, I went with plan B & ended up cutting lots & lots of circles with Ponggo last minute! *Woops! Sorry Gicel & Pierre!*

Anyway, to give you an idea of the final output, here’s a time-lapse video of our MT Casa Washi Tape house.  We’ve been planning to share this with you since last year! 🙂 Then, we were always pressed for time.  As a result, we have lots & lots of photos in our hard drives but most of them didn’t get to see the light of day as we didn’t have time to upload them. One of my resolutions this year is to upload the photos I take as much as I can or take none at all!

Better late than never, no? 😉

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The music in this time-lapse video is by Gentle Universe, a nature and children-inspired ambient music & sound group. They composed this specific track, All Day Breakfast in Flower Bed, for the Heima x MT Casa event. (How cool is that??)  This was also the same music playing when we were building the mini washi house.  For more tunes like this, check out their Sound Cloud account, follow them on Twitter and read their blog to know where their next gig will be! 🙂


Tipsy 🙂

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