Googly Gooeys Desperate Attempts to Get a Good Signal
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Desperate Attempts to Get a Better Signal

I’m pretty sure the scenes above are all too familiar for all of you. My friends have been talking about this and I’ve been reading rants on Twitter and Facebook about how they’re desperate to make a call or how a situation can get so stressful because of a text received too late or just […]

Googly Gooeys Responding to E mails

Replying to E-mails: Why It Takes Forever

Replying to e-mails is probably already a part of our system everyday.  Sure, we answer social networking comments, tweets, text messages almost immediately (although this is still debatable) but why do some people (including myself) seem to take forever when replying to e-mails? I use my inbox as my to-do list.  I read somewhere that

Googly Gooeys Alphabet of Social Networking Part1
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Social Networking Alphabet (Part 1)

Social Networking Alphabet Here’s the social networking alphabet!  Well, originally, we wanted you to guess what each item was pertaining to then we realized that ten years from now (i.e. if we’re still alive), we still want to know what these symbols stand for just in case some of them are no longer recognizable. (You

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Smartphones in Bathrooms

Smartphones in Bathrooms: Thanks or no thanks to smartphones, people now spend more time on the toilet seat! Instead of taking the cue from their digestive system as to when to leave the toilet, they stay longer unecessarily until they’re done no thanks to the fact that smartphones are brought to bathrooms.

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