Desperate Attempts to Get a Better Signal

Googly Gooeys x Sun: The Good Choice (A Sponsored Post) Desperate Attempts to Get a Better Signal 1) Create an imaginary antenna extension: raise your arm! "Hello? Hello!?!?" 2) Open your window *Sigh* Can you hear me now? 3) Walk & walk until you finally get a good signal! "Free leg workout for every call!" Don't walk while texting. 4) Call the customer service hotline! "What kind of suggestion is this? I don't even have a signal. 5) Wallow in your sorrow & wait for the signal bars to appear "How long shall I live like this?"

I’m pretty sure the scenes above are all too familiar for all of you. My friends have been talking about this and I’ve been reading rants on Twitter and Facebook about how they’re desperate to make a call or how a situation can get so stressful because of a text received too late or just because someone was not able to call back on time. It’s just so ironic when the means of communication becomes the means of MIScommunication.

People always say that when you’re not contented about something, it’s always a matter of choice. This doesn’t just apply to that particular situation when you’re so disgruntled about your missing signal but this concerns life in general.

Each time we’re being interviewed, we’re always asked why we took the leap from Management Engineering (where people are expected to join the corporate world after college) to coming up with a cartoon blog. Undoubtedly, the corporate world has its own set of rewards but sometimes, there’s just this little uneasiness that bugs you (almost an existential question *Why so serious? Haha*) that always asks if this is what you really wanted. Bidding the corporate world farewell is not necessarily an easier path—it’s actually scary since now, we have no way to benchmark our careers, salaries and achievements with everyone else. There’s no performance evaluation every end of the year which assures you of an X% salary increase! Although, the good news is, there’s no limit as to how much you can achieve—you are not limited by your bosses, office politics or key performance indicators.

Just like our batchmate Marco Lobregat, we chose to say goodbye to what people think we’ve been built for and go after something that we think will make us happier as individuals.

In the end, it’s all a matter of choice.

Going back to today’s post, you can do all the five things we suggested or you can make a good choice: by switching to Sun Cellular. Years back, Tipsy & I already had postpaid lines with the competitor back from our college days. However, as the years went by we were a bit alarmed by the thousands of pesos we always had to shell out every month for every single call and text we made. No longer satisfied, I was the first to sign up for the SUN postpaid. Sun Cellular was just starting out in the market and I didn’t have lots of expectations from a baby network then although I was truly happy as to how much we saved every month. I just thought it’s ridiculous to be charged an X amount of money especially if you’re calling the same person every single day!?!?!?!? With SUN’s unlimited plan, I didn’t have to count the minutes or use the lines, “I’ll call you when I get home”, “Wait for me when I’m online” or get paranoid about how much my bill is at the end of every month.

Through the years, Sun Cellular has definitely grown into a network giant still continuing to offer the same affordable plans. It’s actually been years since I last purchased a phone thanks to Sun Cellular‘s loyalty program and with the unlimited calls & texts plus the expanded coverage, you don’t have to find me desperately searching for a signal because of poor network service.
Always remember, happiness is all a matter of choice 😉


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