Replying to E-mails: Why It Takes Forever

The Googly Gooeys Why People Take Forever to Reply Frame: What is life without chocolates? "Ah! Cleaning my inbox...What a good way to start the day!" 15 e-mails later: "Hmmm...I'll reply to this later. My brain's still sleepy. It's still too early!" 2 weeks & 150 e-mails later... "Yikes! I still haven't replied to this! Should I just tell them I was busy?"

Replying to e-mails is probably already a part of our system everyday.  Sure, we answer social networking comments, tweets, text messages almost immediately (although this is still debatable) but why do some people (including myself) seem to take forever when replying to e-mails?

I use my inbox as my to-do list.  I read somewhere that this shouldn’t be done.  I forgot why but I always mark an e-mail unread so that I know it’s pending.  Sadly, when I do that, a new reply comes in unnoticed and the task doesn’t move until the e-mail gets stale! Ack!  It used to be that you had to go online to check e-mails and surf the web or chat but now there’s just a plethora of things you can do while you’re connected to the internet.  You might find yourself answering a call while replying to an e-mail while trying to make sense of the words, phrases and emoticons slowly appearing in your chat box.  With the internet, you’re either uber productive, you’re almost a cyborg or you’re plain distracted, you’ve turned into a multi-tasking procrastinator!

By the way, this post is a second collaboration with Ria Macasaet. If you missed the first one, click here. 🙂  Thanks again Ria for helping us out with another entry! 🙂  Just in case you’re wondering, the length of time between our e-mail replies to each other is also reflected in this cartoon. Hihi.

Lastly, I just had to add that “What is life without chocolates?”  frame. I’ve been stopping myself from finishing a whole box of KitKat singles and it’s been a struggle! Uggghhh…  *Ooooh…I can already feel I’m being judged. Haha. Oh well.*  If you’ve been reading the Googly Gooeys for a while, you’ve probably noticed all the props that don’t really have anything to do with the story except for the fact that they add color! *Oooh colors. Oh. Me & colors: pathetic.*





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Googly Gooeys Meanwhile Section

Rubbercut Crafternoon

(1) I attended the Rubbercut Crafternoon last weekend with my good friend Aina. I believe I made the simplest stamps in the whole class. They all made letters, animal silhouettes and here I am with a cloud, triangle and umm…a teardrop. Hehe. To satisfy my current addiction to neon, I also brought my neon gouache tubes.  I didn’t really know what they’re called until Alessa pointed out to me what they were. 😛 As you can see, I probably had too much fun with their white watercolor tube & craft paper.
(2) (Teacher) Mansy’s set of rubber stamps (vis-a-vis my crude artwork of course! Haha).  One day, I will be able to make more complicated shapes! Good news is I’ve moved on from black triangles to green rain & golden trees(rubber stamps). That’s what you call progress! *sarcastic*

Anyhooz, there will still be lots of crafternoons in the future so do check out Alessa or Mansy’s blog for schedules 🙂

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10 years ago

hahahaha! exactly!!!!!!!!! ganito din ako >__<

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