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Googly Gooeys Picking Baby Names Part 4
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Picking Baby Names (Part 4)

So, Ponggo & I were talking the other day & we were thinking, what if the baby was born on Christmas eve or Christmas day? We were picking baby names and toying around with the idea of changing his second name to something else like Noel, Christian, Emmanuel and stuff? Then, we thought of names from Christmas songs like Rudolph, Daher, Prancer, Frosty (the snowman) or even Olaf as our friends suggested so at least it’s more updated thanks to the animated movie Frozen.

Googly Gooeys Serving Size

Serving Size

I’m currently in my 5th month of pregnancy and my weight gain just skyrocketed.  Well, according to my pregnancy app, it is expected.  But, these days, since I no longer have crazy hormones that force me to return my food to where they originally belonged–outside my body, I can now eat more. *Woops!* Just today,

Googly Gooeys Picking Baby Names Part 2
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Picking Baby Names (Part 2)

We don’t know if we’re having a boy or a girl yet but I’ve definitely started picking baby names.  I’ve already hinted on odd choices such as Ampersand & Asterisk in this previous post. The hubby is not pleased…at all. I’m thankful though for all you on Instagram who thought Ampersand was a legit name.

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