Googly Gooeys Types of Spicy Food

Spice Up your Day with the new McDonald’s McSpicy

A decade ago, I wasn’t really into spicy food until I met Ponggo.   I discovered I was missing out on a whole looooot of gastronomical adventures by avoiding all sorts of spicy food.  I realized that spicy does not necessarily mean super hot—the type that will leave you crying & will make you look like […]

Morning Person

Not Much of a Morning Person

Hello There! Tipsy here. I’m the morning person between the two of us. Ponggo’s such a night owl we actually joke to our friends that we only get to talk to each other somewhere between lunch time and early evening.  He always sleeps at past midnight.   He loves working at night because for him, it’s

Googly Gooeys Breakfast for McDonalds

Hooray for Today: Start Your Day Right With Breakfast!

    Hellooooo! Good morning! As I’m writing this blog post,  half of the city is still asleep and getting their extra ZzzZz’s.  Yep, I’m a morning person.  On weekdays, I have to wake up at 6:30am to do some errands and drive to my work.  My day always starts early to the point that

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