Spice Up your Day with the new McDonald’s McSpicy

A decade ago, I wasn’t really into spicy food until I met Ponggo.   I discovered I was missing out on a whole looooot of gastronomical adventures by avoiding all sorts of spicy food.  I realized that spicy does not necessarily mean super hot—the type that will leave you crying & will make you look like you’re almost ready for a dramatic telenovela scene!  There’s just the right amount of spice—the kind that adds a bit of contrast and excitement to your food! 😉 [Notice how the last sentence actually applies to life.  Why is this blog entry turning into some Philosophy 101 paper??]

Introducing the 3 Types of Spicy Food:

Googly Gooeys The Three Types of Spicy Food Too Little: "Too bland & unexciting just like your least favourite subject. Just right: "Comes with a kick that will tickle your tongue just right!" Too much: The kind that hurts you & leaves you crying just like your ex." "I can't take this anymore!?"

Anyway, speaking of spice that’s just right, add some excitement to your week and try the new McSpicyTM from McDonald’s!

McDonald's McSpicy

Just imagine sinking your teeth into some juicy whole chicken meat seasoned with just the right amount of choice spices, topped with oh-so-crunchy-munchy lettuce *nomnomonom* and flavorful dressing all in a perfectly toasted sesame bun.  (Bonus points for anyone who can actually count the number of sesame seeds we drew above 😉 )

Rowena Taking a Selfie Plus Tipsy & Ponggo

Transform your dull day into something e-x-c-i-t-i-n-g!  Grab a McSpicyTM! No.  Don’t take it literally, we didn’t want you to sneak behind the counter and grab a McSpicyTM.  Remember, you still need to line up!  Don’t forget to share your McSpicyTM moments with McDonald’s McDonald’s on Facebook or tag @Mcdo_PH on Twitter with the hashtag #mcspicyishere.

Divine Lee, Hamburglar, David Guison & Camille Co

McSpicyTM will be available in all McDonald’s branches staring today, June 13!  Enjoy McSpicyTM  ala carte for Php 80 but we strongly suggest you pair it with fries & drink at Php 115.  If you want to go the extra mile, enjoy it with medium fries & drink for Php 135!

With that, let’s all have one exciting McSpicyTM day! 😉



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11 years ago

21 sesame seeds.

11 years ago

Waaah andito pala ako. Lol. 😀

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