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Inky Doodles at HK M Poster
GOOGLY GOOEYS, metro manila

Inky Doodles Workshop at Mateo’s & Hey Kessy

Hello Everyone! I’m excited to announce the Inky Doodles Workshop schedules for October! 🙂  This workshop will cover basic watercolor & inking. The materials included are as follows: 8-color Prang Set 1 Round Watercolor Brush Calligraphy Pen Holder Copperplate Nib 270gsm / 300gsm Watercolor Worksheets Ink Worksheets 1 HB Steadtler Pencil 1 Dust Free Eraser […]

Googly Gooeys Stop Telling Yourself

Inky Doodles Workshop Weekend

One day, I found myself hanging out at Mansy’s studio not knowing what to do with my life.  We were supposed to craft together but it ended up as a counselling session. Hahahaha. At that time, I had so much self-doubt.  I didn’t even know what to do anymore.  I also didn’t know if I was

Googly Gooeys Worst Case Scenario
communication, expectations versus reality, relationship

Worst Case Scenario

For the nth time, while watching a documentary, I blurted out my usual line “What if there are snakes?”  Ponggo hates me for this.  I don’t know why this is my default question whenever he brings up the topic of plants, hiking, forest & desert. Hehehehe.  Don’t get me wrong though, I enjoy hiking.  Once

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