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Googly Gooeys Signs That Youre in Love
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Signs That You’re in Love

If you’ve been a reader of this site since late last year, you would probably know that Tipsy & Ponggo are married. To avoid all confusion, let’s just pretend that we’re back both back in high school / college and these are the probable scenarios.  Because webcomics are so limited, here are some notes about […]

Googly Gooeys Everytime I See You1
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Everytime I See You, My Heart Beats Fast…

Everytime I See You Everytime I see you, I age & my wrinkles get more defined. I’ve had a very stressful week at work this week having to deal with twisted truths and some dirty corporate politics.  Everytime I had to work on two particular projects, my heart beats fast, my vision narrows, I find

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