Signs That You’re in Love

Googly Gooeys 5 Signs That You're in Love 1) Your notebook is filled with your fictional married name: "What!? I'm officiall unfriending you in all social networking sites & in real life!" 2) You associate everything you see to your object of affection (or obsession!) "Did you see the plate number of the car that passed by? It has his initials. Eeeek! 3) None of your friends can talk to you becuase you're busy daydreaming - "Oy vey! When is this madness going to stop?" 4) You have this habit of bursting into song about how you feel "My heart stops when you look at me...Baby you're a firework!" "Have mercy on they eardrums! Oh please stop singing! 5) You floow your friends with cryptic status updates & love quotes "Thank you for the hid in news feed button as well as the mute button"

If you’ve been a reader of this site since late last year, you would probably know that Tipsy & Ponggo are married. To avoid all confusion, let’s just pretend that we’re back both back in high school / college and these are the probable scenarios.  Because webcomics are so limited, here are some notes about this cartoon Signs That You’re In Love

1) Your notebook is filled with your fictional married name. –  Guilty! My friends & I used to do this.  At that time, my best friend (along with tons of other people) was in love with this actor from Casper while I was into that Korean American hockey player Justin Wong / Ken Wu in Mighty Ducks. LOL. These examples definitely giveaway my age! Bwahahaha.

(In other totally random news,) I also love the movie Capser & since I’m such a geek, I would spend afternoons and breaks between studying listening to the Casper soundtrack and searching for the notes of Remember Me This Way (which I totally failed at) and One Last Wish.  James Horner composed the soundtrack for Casper and I was so proud for him when I found out that he also composed the one for Titanic.  So, during the latter years of my high school, you know what I was listening to aside from the boy bands & girl groups. Zig-a-zig-ahhh..Hahahaha. *Yes, you may cringe with me now*.  I still love the Casper soundtrack though. *Wait…this paragraph is totally getting out of hand!*

2) You associate everything you see to your object of affection – Well, Tipsy the grammar noob is still in great debate with herself whether it should be “associate to” or “associate with”. Ugh.  Anyway, want to hear more examples for no. 2? Are you sure??? “It’s a Volvo SUV! Edward drives a Volvo.” “I’m pale because I’m anemic and I lack sleep. I must be a vampire”.  I actually say those lines to deliberately annoy Ponggo and he gives me that face you see in number 1–it actually destroys his mood when I say those lines and you have to see his face in person! 🙂

3) None of your friends can talk to you because you’re busy daydreaming – or sometimes, you can’t seem to have a proper conversation with someone so darn in love because their thoughts are floating in the air and all they can pick up from your conversation are keywords and even worse, words that sound like other words O_o

4) You have this habit of bursting into song about how you feel – Well, fine, maybe you don’t do it the Broadway / Glee way of segueing a dramatic situation into a mellow intro of a song but maybe the titles on your current playlist pretty much sums up your life 😉 Then again, whether we are in love or out of love, our playlists would always reflect a part of us somehow. *Ah. I’m debating with myself again.*

5) You flood your friends with cryptic (and sometimes even excessively blatant) status updates & love quotes – I once got into trouble for unfollowing a young family friend on Twitter.  Others have already complained about the flooding she was doing about the fandom she was obsessed with and how her followers would try to recruit you into their fandom each time you tweeted her.  I have nothing against fan girls because trust me, I was worse when I was your age.  But seriously? 10 tweets at a time blocking your whole news feed? 😛 Ack! Also, I actually unfollowed this person because I thought she wouldn’t notice (Ho ho ho) and that she has more followers than me therefore, she didn’t really need my presence at all. Hihi. Too bad, I found out she actually checks every day–making sure that her herd is still intact.  *Eep! Yikes!* I feel so torn between supposedly being the older person slash good role model promoting friendship & world peace versus using my freedom to follow as I choose as a netizen of the www! 😛  *Toingk*



P.S. I think it’s bad that I think I have this sense of freedom writing a lengthy text below each cartoon because I know everyone just reads the cartoon and skips the text. *Paranoid mode*

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Shekayna Cambronero
Shekayna Cambronero
8 years ago

Memories of high school crushes! hahaha

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