i love charts

Googly Gooeys Thank You for 2012 Wall with Artworks

Thank You! :)

I’m not so great with titles, huh? Well, I just realized that the original text for the blog giveaway was supposed to be a big thank you to all our readers but I got so caught up living in my own happylandia styling and taking pictures of all the prizes instead.  *doingk* Why isn’t the post […]


The Googly Gooeys Made it to the I Love Charts Book! :)

As soon as we received news that we made it to the I Love Charts book, we were thrilled!  I Love Charts is one entertaining tumblelog which hosts (you guessed it!) charts.  Haha. We usually associate numbers and lines with our math or economics classes but this blog covers visual maps & graphs about practically everything–song

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