The Googly Gooeys Made it to the I Love Charts Book! :)

As soon as we received news that we made it to the I Love Charts book, we were thrilled!  I Love Charts is one entertaining tumblelog which hosts (you guessed it!) charts.  Haha. We usually associate numbers and lines with our math or economics classes but this blog covers visual maps & graphs about practically everything–song lyrics, your love life, movies and even cats!

i love charts the book

Back in our Tumblr days, Jason & Cody were the guys who were generous enough to reblog our entries.  So, one day, when we saw that they were creating a book based on the blog, we instantly submitted Googly Gooey charts! Two charts from the Googly Gooeys made it to this book 😀 Wee!  Well, honestly, I don’t know how many times I actually typed “open submission” or “call for art” on Google without much success.  It has always been my wish for our comics to make it to a book and being in a book with our fellow tumblr-rrrr’s & my one of my favorites, Gemma Correll is something else 🙂

i love charts post (1)

The foreword to this book was written by Tumblr Daddy Tumblr Founder David Karp 🙂 How cool is that?  David Karp actually follows this blog on Tumblr!

i love charts dedication to the Googly Gooeys

Thanks I Love Charts for helping us cross out an item off our bucket list! 🙂 Thanks too to my friend Val who drove all the way to San Francisco to make sure this book gets to me 🙂

This book is now available for purchase via and I Love Charts on Barnes & Noble!

P.S. Locally, you can tweet Lucy of Fully Booked and ask her to carry this title 😉

I Love Charts Logo

Twitter: @ilovecharts

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