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Googly Gooeys Last Christmas
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Last Christmas I Gave You My…

Gift-giving is probably not the most exciting part of our relationship.  After so many years of trying, Ponggo has finally given up on me.  I have way too many comments about all the presents he has given me.  One year, he tries to guess the clothes I might like.  Last Christmas, he bought me stuff that […]

Googly Gooeys Mixed Reactions About the Holidays

Christmas Season: Mixed Reactions

If Christmas season were a movie, it’ll probably be the type that’ll get mixed reviews.  It’s a blockbuster and the worst movie in one!  It has a love-hate relationship with all those who celebrate it.  I’m all for Christmas and the joy of being together with family & friends laughing & relaxing and such.  However,

Googly Gooeys Best Gift Ever
GOOGLY GOOEYS, relationship

Best Gift Ever!

Ever shopped for Christmas stuff with a back-up plan?  Did you ever go, “Hmm…I’ll buy this notebook for my sister but if she doesn’t like it, I’ll have it! It must not go to waste”.  Ponggo always sneakily buys stuff for his dad hoping that (a) they can share it or (b) if he doesn’t

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