Christmas Season: Mixed Reactions

Googly Gooeys Mixed Reactions About the Holidays "'Tis the season for gift wrapping. Falalalalah-lalalalahhh" "Gahh...My nose! I don't want to be Rudolph for Christmas" "Food and lots of food! *Burp*" "I love Christmas Parties but I hate the awful traffic." "Yikes! I'm not looking forward to the dieitng I have to do after the holidays!" "They say it's the most wonderful time of the year but my wallet doesn't agree!" "I can't wait to receive...errrr..give gifts!" "Ahhh! Finally a long break to be with family & friends!"

If Christmas season were a movie, it’ll probably be the type that’ll get mixed reviews.  It’s a blockbuster and the worst movie in one!  It has a love-hate relationship with all those who celebrate it.  I’m all for Christmas and the joy of being together with family & friends laughing & relaxing and such.  However, the sad fact is, before we all get to the merry-making, we will have to traverse the awful traffic of the Metro and join in the let’s-fill-up-the-roads-with-cars-and-play-the-let’s-see-who-gets-to-deliver-all-his/her-gifts-first game!   Then there’s the extra pounds that we all seem gain.  It must be the Christmas decorations hypnotizing to eat because it’s the reason for the season, it must be the green that comes with the crimson, which turns the person into a prison of the ….Oh nevermind.  I don’t think I have a future in making poems for a living.  I don’t think I can rap too.  I enjoy wrapping but not rapping.  Wait, I do.  It’s just that I sound funny & it’s not one of them skills for public consumption.

Well, I know all this post is missing is probably a big & loud “Bahhhh, Humbug!” I guess we just all need to remind ourselves what these holidays are all about before we get stressed about the little things. 😉

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