On Learning & Unlearning: March Watercolor & Digitizing Workshops


Hello Guys! 🙂
It’s been a whiiiiiiiiiiile. OMG. I’ve been wanting to blog for so long.  I would end up writing my thoughts in the middle of the night on my sketch book…as in in the middle of all my sketches just for me to save my thoughts for later.  But, we have good news, we have upcoming workshops in February & March:

March 5, 2017 Digitizing Workshop, 1-5pm, Fully Booked BGC (Php 3,500.00) (NEW) (10 slots max)

Sign up below or you save this link: bit.ly/GGworkshops 🙂
Full course descriptions & the list of materials are on that page.

But wait.  What I really wanted to talk to you about briefly (yeah right & I’ll end up spewing more words than usual) are the stuff I’ve been experimenting on the past few weeks.

Watercolor Workshops Metro Manila
I’ve been reflecting on this quote:
“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” – Pablo Picasso

I’ve been grateful to have received digital work as assignments the past few months.  I definitely enjoyed the process and learned a lot.  However, at the same time, the more I found myself more scared to paint.  I wondered why.  Every time I attempted to do so, I just felt so pressured which is just so ironic because I was just practicing and it wasn’t even client work.

After n attempts and mixing up mediums, I realized what my problems are:
(a) I was scared I’ll waste my favorite watercolor paper
(b) I was scared I will make an artwork that I will not be happy about

Plana Forma Buddies on Polychromos IMG_9965
It’s just so funny that I had those thoughts when in fact I always believe that people are creative but when they are just:

(a) afraid to draw because they think they’re not good at drawing
(b) afraid to practice drawing because (see first reason)

…and the vicious cycle goes on.

Yoga Buddies IMG_9915
Yoga Buddies!
Materials Used: Faber-Castell Polychromos Colored Pencils, Watercolors on Watercolor Paper

So I wondered why this is the case.  I was busy experimenting with colored pencils this time as well as watercolors.  I was not doing it on my favorite watercolor paper.  In fact, I was doing it on my sketch book which can hold very little amount of paint.  There was no pressure of coming up with something I will be satisfied about.  I just kept on experimenting & experimenting until I felt comfortable with my process.  I concluded that just in case I find myself in a creative block again, aside from doing other things (chores, walking around, talking to people), I should somehow change my medium & canvas as well!

But I continued to wonder.

What’s the reason behind all this fear of failure?  I kept on drawing random imperfect circles leaning towards the right–one of my favorite basic shapes aside from the asymmetrical trapezoid.

Plana Forma Buddies

Then it dawned upon me: we were always trained to get it right the first time.  Our system has punished us for doing things differently, we were trained to follow and we’ve heard “No. That’s not how you do it.” in our lives several times.  As much as my teenage self would have probably typed in all caps and asked why society is that way.  I get it now that we need those in order to function as a society.  We need order.  We need a system.  However, outside of that, for us to grow, we also need to think outside the box.  We need to UNLEARN and RETHINK a lot of the  things we’ve LEARNed while growing up.

We need to constantly inculcate in our brains that it’s okay if you sketch & you don’t draw your lines perfectly in one go.  After all, unlike medicine, surgery, or math, in art, you don’t have to get it right the first time.  It’s okay to check if two unlikely colors are going to produce a new lovable hue. It’s okay not to have a system when going about things in order to build a new workflow.

Woops. I typed too fast and now we have 710 words and counting.


Anyway, I really hope that the workshops will be one of the venues where people can learn and unlearn things–get ourselves out of our comfort zones and talk about our fears and work on them. 🙂


Mommy Tippy 😀

P.S. Speaking of getting out of your comfort zones, as requested, we will be having Digitizing Workshops too where participants will learn how to create digital files out of their brush lettering work, sketches and the like.
Digitizing Workshop For instance, before I created the graphics for Masungi Georeserve & National Geographic below, I sketched them on paper first.


Also, before I submitted my file to Ayala Malls, I did the lettering for these on paper first:

We will only be accepting 7-10 students to ensure that we’re able to attend to everyone.

Sign up for a class below.
See you guys around and I really hope to get to pour more thoughts on this blog more often! 🙂

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7 years ago

I remembered attending December’s #ShareYourStory workshop and I was so excited I forgot I didn’t know how to work with watercolor. Picking up the brush for the first time felt so scary but then I saw you look up and smile at me. Or maybe I was imagining? IDK. Anyway, it ended well. Except for my grays and browns which looked funny. LOL. It was a fun experience Tippy and yes, I wasn’t able to get it the first time but experiencing a new form of art felt so liberating. Thank you for that and for this pensive post. I love it how you manage to inject “words of wisdom” ever so often.

PS: Waaah! Ang haba na naman ng comment ko. Sorry. 🙂

Cym Marzan
7 years ago

That’s me! Afraid to start because I’m scared the output would be ugly. I end up doing nothing.

7 years ago

Hi. I’d like to ask if the Feb 19 watercolor workshop at UP Town Center costs P2700 or if it’s free. Maybe you had forgotten to indicate the price. Thanks.

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