INK Fest + Color Pop Fair in Photos

Whew! That was one eventful weekend!   First off, we had to attend a friend’s wedding.  The next day, we were at the INK Fest at Fully Booked in BGC then we headed straight to National Bookstore’s Color Pop Fest event at the MOA Atrium.

Watercolor Illustration Tiny Hands Big DreamsThis is one of the two paintings I did for the mini exhibit at the INK Fest entitled Letters to Your Childhood Self.  By mini, I mean each painting is only 5 by 5 inches.  Hehe.  Thank you so much to those who purchased both works. 🙂 It means so much to meeee! I really hope to be able to have time and work on more pieces after my deadlines.

Hue Can Do It Marcus NadaFully Booked Top Shelf was teeming with art!  Above is a sheet illustrated by Marcus Nada, one of the INKies.  I would always see people using colored pencils for their coloring pages.  I didn’t know that neon markers actually looked gooooood. 😀

INK Fest 2015

During the INK Fest, I signed up to man the Kid’s art station and we were happy to have Jethro as one of our guests. 😀 He drew a bunch of superheroes & posed like one of them.

INK Fest Jamie Bauza PostcardsThere was also some INK merchandise for sale.  Above are some of the artworks by Jamie Bauza. 🙂

INK Catalog & Adarna Alterno Postcards IMG_0134Also for sale was the INK Catalog and Adarna Alterno Postcards. I bought almost all the packs during the launch of the postcards. I swear, when you get the chance, you should get this! :) Check out my loot here.

Elbert Or Doodles Ink Fest 2015Elbert Or did a mini drawing guide for the kids.  A lot of teens fell for this too!  I personally wanted to take this cute sheet home!

Ilustrador ng Kabataan MembersGroup pictchaaaa! I’ve said it so many times but I’m just really happy to be with these people who are so passionate about their craft.  I’ve been telling my friends that I’m a resident fan girl. Hahaha.

Speculiars INK FestAldy & the Speculiars: Angela, Yas (who always refuses to have her photo taken) & Pergy.

INK Photo BoothHello from the INK booth! :) L-R: Yours truly, Jamie Bauza, Lorra Angbue-Te + Angel Yulo, Mickey Velarde, Jamie, Meg Bagadion & Kay Aransanzo!

I Don't Like to Eat

Of course, the event won’t be complete without the books illustrated by the INKies! 🙂

Aldy Aguirre Jason Sto. DomingoTwo of my faves: Aldy Aguirre for his distinct choice of colors & watercolor washes and Jason Sto. Domingo for his mad drawing skillsssss!INK Portrait Session

There was also a live portrait session.  So cool how this whole concept started.  It used to be an activity during one of the INK meetings & now it’s an event mainstay.  I really wanted my portrait drawn too but I had to leave right away. 🙁

INK Portrait Session

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INKFest 2015 CrowdThe event was jampacked! :)  So happy to see many art enthusiasts in one place. ♥

Meg Bagadion Anthony Go Aaron Asis Ara VillenaL-R: Meg, Ponggo, Aaron Asis & Ara Villena.
If you happen to have attended one of my workshops and you’ve seen me pass around a couple of postcard samples, those are the works of Aaron. 🙂

Tipsy Googly Gooeys PregnantI probably don’t have a solo photo in this entire blog that looks like this but last Saturday, I had this taken anyway.  I just needed to document this because this is such a rare phase (and shape) in mahhh life. Haha. This is me at almost 31 weeks. That pin is an arctic fox although it looks like a cat at first glance. Hehe. I really want to buy more necklaces for my uniforms (I don’t have a lot of clothes that fit me anymore).  But soon, I’ll be having a boy and I can already imagine him pulling all my accessories.  So, this pin shall do meantime so I can just remove it next year. :D

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Color Pop Fair Session with Sharpie

After leaving BGC, we went to Mall of Asia for National Bookstore’s Color Pop Fair.  The MOA Atrium was surrounded with huge coloring murals. Whoa!

Color Pop FairFree coloring sheets were also given while art materials can be borrowed.  Above is my sister Trissia’s work.  Aside from digital, colored pencils are her fave medium so she totally beats me at this.  🙂
Kanel Adriano, June Digan, Trissia PelayoSo happy to have met Kanel Adriano & June Digan again.  That’s me with my shobe bear.

National Bookstore Color Pop Fair If there was something like this when I was a kid, I would have been ecstatic!!

National Bookstore Color Pop Fair

This was the scene last Saturday with so many people busy coloring in their sheets.  Oh those pencils!  My inner child is happy just seeing those. 🙂
Color Pop Fair Mushroom MuralAbove was one of my favorite murals! It’s so nice to see a bunch of people collaborate on a single piece.

Googly Gooeys at the National Bookstore Color Pop Fair

We also did a talk about our addiction: no, not chocolates but colors.  That photo is proof that the iPhone makes anything wider / longer towards its edge. Haha.

Thank you National Bookstore for having us! 🙂  This was probably one of the talks that I was excited to deliver since it’s purely about color picking and creating palettes.

The next day, we had a watercolor workshop & dinner with friends.  Whoa on the full schedule last weekend and the days before that.  No wonder my brain refused to work today no matter how I tried!! :O 😀 Haha.

‘Til the next colorful event! 🙂

Tipsy ♥

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Cym Marzan
8 years ago

Too bad I was not able to drop by INK fest! It was the weekend before the kids’ exams. Would have been a fun one!

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